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Disable Windows 10 Timeline

Capture d'écran - Timeline de Windows 10

New to April’s Windows 10 update, the activity history, in English, the Timeline, allows you via the Windows+Tab keyboard shortcut not only to view your open windows and virtual desktops, but also to browse through the timeline on the right, your recent activities from your various devices synchronised in the cloud. If you have nothing to do with this feature, learn how to disable it.

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Disable all push notifications requests in Firefox

Capture d'écran - Paramètres des notifications push sous Firefox

More and more of this site encourages you to subscribe to their push notifications to be alerted to their latest published content. The major problem is their intrusive and annoying side when browsing, which forces you to make a decision on the application popup in order to see it disappear from the screen. Learn how to block them all without exception.