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12 excellent themes for Firefox 3.6

A selection of the best themes for Mozilla Firefox compatible with Windows and MacOS operating systems. Download without moderation especially since they are all functional with the latest version, namely Firefox 3.6!

#1 — Strata 4.0 for Mac

While the next versions of Firefox will offer a new theme by default, mockup-inspired versions are already circulating on the web for uncalling results. The quality is there with the possibility of pushing the appearance by combining different extensions recommended by the author.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Strata 4.0 pour Mac
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Strata 4.0 for Mac

Strata 4.0 for Mac (2.2) MiB, 1,927 downloads)

#2 — Chromifox Extreme

Google Chrome ranks third on the podium in terms of internet browser market shares. Its appearance and ergonomics make it a formidable browser. It is unsurprisingly that one can now adopt with almost perfect resemblance its appearance under Mozilla Firefox.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Chromifox Extreme 3
Screenshot — Firefox theme, Chromifox Extreme 3

Chromifox Extreme 3 (649.4) KiB, 1,611 downloads)

#3 — Chromifox Extreme Carbon 3

The same theme as the previous one but in a “carbonised” version for lovers of dark atmosphere.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Chromifox Carbon Extreme 3
Screenshot — Firefox theme, Chromifox Extreme Carbon 3

Chromifox Extreme Carbon 3 (952.1) KiB, 2,048 downloads)

#4 — Grapple

No less than 3 Firefox themes are proposed by the Grapple website which bears an evocative slogan: “The world’s best Firefox themes”. And for good reason, the quality is up to date... at the expense of the fact that only Mac users will be able to use it.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, GrApple Crisp
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Crisp Grapple

Grapple (591.8) KiB, 1,629 downloads)

#5 — Strata40

Inspired by the mockups of the next version 4 of Firefox, this theme is one of the most popular of the moment. And to achieve a transparency effect compatible with Windows Aero, install the extension StrataBuddy.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Strata40 pour Windows
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Strata40 for Windows

Strata40 (589.8) KiB, 1,373 downloads)

#6 — TwentyTen

As its name suggests, 2010 is the name of this theme inspired by the new appearance of... Microsoft Office 2010. You can find the Office menu and the design of the office suite, but it is indisputably the options that are really exceptional:aero transparency, loading bar, tab position, etc.

Unlike Strata40, the companion TwentyTenBuddy is automatically installed even if the author again recommends the installation of additional extensions.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, TwentyTenBuddy (2010)
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, TwentyTenBuddy (2010)

TwentyTen v1.3 (976.6) KiB, 1.602 downloads)

#8 — Vista-aero

A classic of the genre: Vista-aero gives your Firefox an Internet Explorer look. Perfect for Windows system!

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Vista-aero
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Vista-aero

Vista-aero (1.0) MiB, 1,354 downloads)

#7 — Fx4

Probably one of the most successful Firefox themes of the moment! Still in experimental version, Fx4 also combines the mockups of the next version of the browser and offers an additional module for the options (Aero support, Office menu, etc.) entitled Fx4 Options. A must have!

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Fx4
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Fx4

Fx4 (583.0) KiB, 1,847 downloads)

#9 — Stratini Padded

Based on Firefox — Strata’s default theme, this theme resise basic icons to facilitate browsing. Its look is not without reminiscent of the old versions of Firefox... nostalgics will enjoy!

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Stratini Padded
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Stratini Padded

Stratini P Added (520.5) KiB, 1,130 downloads)

#10 — Purity

Looking for purity through Firefox? Purity is the theme you need.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Purity
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Purity

Purity (650.4) KiB, 1,112 downloads)

#11 — aluminium

A sober theme without fioritures, no more or less.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Strata 4.0 pour Mac
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Strata 4.0 for Mac

Aluminium (1.7) MiB, 1,048 downloads)

#12 — Daum Blue

And to finish this list, Daum Blue is an ergonomic theme that will facilitate navigation.

Capture d'écran - Thème Firefox, Daum Blue
Screenshot — Firefox Theme, Daum Blue

Daum Blue (684.6) KiB, 1,302 downloads)

Here we have reached the end of this list of the best Firefox themes for this beginning of 2010. The floor is now yours: what are your favorite themes?


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