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15 sublime themes for Windows 7 — Part 3

A new selection of themes for Windows 7 in high definition to download without further delay. Enjoy!

#1 — Bicycle Ride around Taiwan

A bike ride on the island of Taiwan, does it tempt you? The cat seems interested in the walk...

Capture d'écran - Thème Bicycle Ride around Taiwan
Screenshot — Theme Bicycle Ride around Taiwan

Taiwan Bicycle Ride Theme Pack (4.5) MiB, 1,823 downloads)

#2 — Syue Mountain

Go to the mountain without leaving your office!

Capture d'écran - Thème Syue Mountain pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Syue Mountain Theme for Windows 7

Syue Mountain Theme Pack (3.3) MiB, 1,503 downloads)

#3 — Cats Anytime

Geeks always have a cat that drags not far from their PCs... it’s normal, they love mice!

Capture d'écran - Thème Cats Anytime pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Anytime Cats Theme for Windows 7

Cats Anytime Theme Pack (6.5) MiB, 1,328 downloads)

#4 — Greg Straight — New Zealand

A pack dedicated to New Zealand on artistic wallpapers.

Capture d'écran - Thème New Zealand pour Windows 7
Screenshot — New Zealand Theme for Windows 7

Official Windows 7 Greg Straight New Zealand (3.4) MiB, 1,136 downloads)

#5 — Wieliczka

Wieliczka is famous for its famous salt mines I have had the chance to visit. If you visit Poland, don't miss them! It seems that it’s rejuvenating 10 years...

Capture d'écran - Thème Wieliczka pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Wieliczka Theme for Windows 7

Official Windows 7 Theme Wieliczka (3.8) MiB, 1,667 téléchargements)

#6 — Summit on the Summit

Behind this slogan lies a charitable action aimed at collecting donations for access to water. For more information, please visit

Capture d'écran - Thème Summit on the Summit pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Summit on the Summit theme for Windows 7

Summit on the Summit Theme Pack (2.0) MiB, 1,206 downloads)

#7 — Dogs in Winter

The dog is Man’s best friend. Here are photographs in the snow.

Capture d'écran - Thème Dogs in Winter pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Dogs in Winter Theme for Windows 7

Dogs in Winter Theme Pack (5.8) MiB, 1,372 downloads)

#8 — I'm a PC

Created by the Windows Club, this theme refers to the advertisements created by Apple that staged Mac and PC: “I‘m a Mac”, I’m a PC. I‘d like to say “I’m both!”

A dark version is also available on the site recently.

Capture d'écran - Thème I'm a PC pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Theme I'm a PC for Windows 7

I'm a PC Theme Pack (1.4) MiB, 2,382 téléchargements)

#9 — Smashing Magazine March 2010

Every month, the famous Smashing Magazine publishes the monthly calendar for his office. A pack for the month of March is distributed containing all the backgrounds proposed, all available in version with or without calendar.

Capture d'écran - Thème Smashing Magazine March 2010 pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Theme Smashing Magazine March 2010 for Windows 7

Smashing Magazine March 2010 Theme Pack (40.9) MiB, 2,555 downloads)

#10 — Winter

A pack containing beautiful pictures on the theme of winter. A wonder!

Capture d'écran - Thème Winter pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Winter Theme for Windows 7

Winter Theme Pack (37.4) MiB, 3,344 downloads)

#11 — Czech Spring

An official theme pack on the theme of spring in the Czech Republic. A perfect sequencing after winter!

Capture d'écran - Thème Czech Spring pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Czech Spring Theme for Windows 7

Czech Spring Theme Pack (5.3) MiB, 1,361 downloads)

#12 — Life

A pack designed from photos of the documentary series Life broadcast on the BBC. Extraordinary!

Capture d'écran - Thème Life pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Life Theme for Windows 7

Life Theme Pack (4.5) MiB, 2,022 téléchargements)

#13 — Year of the Tiger

2010 will be the year of the Tiger for the Chinese. Grrow! Grrow!

Capture d'écran - Thème Year of the Tiger pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Year of the Tiger Theme for Windows 7

#14 — Starwars

Young Padawans, this theme is made for you. A theme Jedi you will adopt! Note that cursors look like a customizable laser sword and that special sounds have been added including the StarWars theme.

Capture d'écran - Thème StarWars pour Windows 7
Screenshot — StarWars Theme for Windows 7

Starwars Theme Pack (33.8) MiB, 3,287 downloads)

#15 — Rocks

Lovers of rocks and hiking, this theme is for you.

Capture d'écran - Thème Rocks pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Rocks Theme for Windows 7

Rocks Theme Pack (22.3) MiB, 1,530 downloads)

Check out our theme page for Windows 7 which includes all the articles relating to the themes packs.

The themes packs have really invaded the web for the happiness of users. And you, what are your favorites? Share your creations via the comments!



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  • Coyotus

    I would like a tuto like UKintel had done for vista

    what I find a shame is that the theme for se7en is often simple wallpaper and border color changes,
    No icon pack no custom visual style no button menu started tunning.
    Microsoft has not yet understood that more and more people wanted to really customise their theme without being limited to a wallpaper and border color, nor to be forced to patch everything to go further, being forced to take a whole bunch of tool to create its theme and apply it.

  • The notion of theme is a little exaggerated I find under seven, in the end we change the wallpaper, the color of the windows, the sounds but that’s all I don't think we could really remagnify your visual style as it was possible under xp or even under vista, after I didn't really look for it, but this kind of theme doesn't change much.

  • Yes as I said I didn't really look in fact, but I have a little trouble understanding the sharing of themes that are not really, so much sharing wallpapers if you want my opinion