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16 outstanding themes for Windows 7 — Part II

Desktop themes are back in force on Windows 7 as we have already mentioned in a previous selection of 35 themes. So take advantage of this second wave to brighten your PC!

RSZ’S: : the pack of 14 official themes can be downloaded as a ZIP file at the end of the list. A first list of 35 Windows Themes is available.

14 sponsored Windows 7 themes

Windows 7 has just come out that a new salve of themes are already published on the Microsoft Official Website... in its English version.

#1 — Avatar

James Cameron’s next film, Avatar, is not finished yet that he already makes much talk about him.

Capture décran - Thème Avatar pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Avatar Theme for Windows 7

#2 — Bing’s Best

Whether you like Bing or not — Microsoft’s new search engine, the fact remains that this theme pack is sublime!

Capture décran - Thème Bings Best pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Best Bing Theme for Windows 7

#3 — Happiness Factory

A theme specially designed for fans of Coca-Cola.

Capture décran - Thème Happiness Factory pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Happiness Factory Theme for Windows 7

#4 — Ducati

The bike of your dreams on your PC, the most economical solution! On the other hand, must love red hues...

Capture décran - Thème Ducati pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Ducati Theme for Windows 7

#5 — Ferrari

Always red but for motor sports enthusiasts. A different theme from the one previously proposed on Protuts.

Capture décran - Thème Ferrari pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Ferrari Theme for Windows 7

#6 — Gears of War

A drunken war game like I love them! To be consumed without moderation...

Capture décran - Thème Gears of War pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Gears of War Theme for Windows 7

#7 — Gears of War 2

The same theme but with the second version of the game.

Capture décran - Thème Gears of War 2 pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Gears of War 2 Theme for Windows 7

#8 — Infiniti

Another luxury car brand I didn't know until today!

Capture décran - Thème Infiniti pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Infiniti Theme for Windows 7

#9 — Lugares COLORIDOS

A selection of colorful places. Simply beautiful, this theme will make you forget everyday greyness.

Capture décran - Thème Lugares Coloridos pour Windows 7
Screenshot — COLORIDOS Lugars Theme for Windows 7

#10 — Refresh Everything

For Pepsi drinkers!

Capture décran - Thème Refresh Everything pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Refresh Everything Theme for Windows 7

#11 — Porsche

It would have been astonishing if in the “200 CV” series, no Porsche was included in the list!

Capture décran - Thème Porsche pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Porsche Theme for Windows 7

#12 — Zune Characters

Representative characters for Microsoft’s Zune player. Very design!

Capture décran - Thème Zune Characters pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Theme Zune Characters for Windows 7

#13 — Zune Elements

Second pack dedicated to the Zune. Original and creative!

Capture décran - Thème Zune Elements pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Theme Zune Elements for Windows 7

#14 — Zune Zodiac

The zodiac signs in the Chinese version. Find yours!

Capture décran - Thème Zune Zodiac pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Zodiac Zune Theme for Windows 7

Windows 7 Official Featured Pack (133.5) MiB, 4,334 téléchargements)

Unofficial topics

#15 — Paul’s Coffee

If you like coffee, this theme will fill you. A good way to avoid going to the coffee machine... or not.

Capture décran - Thème Pauls Coffee pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Paul Theme Coffee for Windows 7

Paul’s Coffee Theme Pack (8.0) MiB, 2,728 téléchargements)

#16 — oneworld

This theme was realised by the community of WinVistaClub. I invite you to read the official article learn more about installing the theme that allows you to change the look of the control panel.

Capture décran - Thème OneWorld pour Windows 7
Screenshot — OneWorld Theme for Windows 7

Oneworld theme pack (8.2) MiB, 11,762 téléchargements)

Download the complete pack

Only the official themes offered by Microsoft are present in the pack — the other 2 are downloadable from their respective links below:

14 official Windows 7 themes (130.7) MiB, 2,034 downloads)


Here is a selection of links that will allow you to download new themes:

  • Windows 7 Themes on ithinkdifferent ;
  • Download 14 Awesome Windows 7 Themes on Into Windows ;
  • Four new Windows 7 theme packs on SuperSite Blog;

Did you create your theme? Share it via the comments! This second selection of themes should make you like Windows 7 which signs the return of PC customisation.



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