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18 Window 7 services to disable

Capture d'écran - Windows 7, méthode de désactivation d'un service

Boost the power of your PC by disabling unnecessary services on Windows 7. Being compatible with the maximum system configuration is good but it is even more compatible when the system adapts correctly to that of the user!


Windows services are launched at each startup and run as a background task. In fact, they slow down your boot and system in general — especially hard drive. Most are useful but others are much less useful and monopolise many resources. This list should help you make the right choice. The geeks will turn them off with their eyes closed!

It is recommended to create a system restoration point to prevent hazardous manipulation.

Method of deactivating a service

Start by opening the start menu, enter services then click on the title. A list of services will appear.

Double-click the relevant service and click on the button Stop.

Capture d'écran - Windows 7, méthode de désactivation d'un service
Screenshot of screen — Windows 7, method of disabling a service

In the drop-down list corresponding to the Type of start, choose Disable. Validate all by clicking on OK.

All you have to do is repeat the operation for each of the services on the list.

List of services to disable

#1 — IP support

To disable if you do not use the IPv6 protocol, which is the case for most PCs.

#2 — Netbios support on tcp/ip

If your network has computers on Windows 98, leave it on... completely useless in 99 % of cases!

#3 — Parental Control

If you don't use this Windows component, disable it!

#4 — Security Centre

Group all the security settings into a single dashboard. Useless if you never change the default settings or have assigned this task to a security software suite.

#5 — Distributed Link Tracking Client

To be used only on a network of at least ten posts.

#6 — Offline Files

Turn it off if you do not use synchronisation features between multiple computers.

#7 — Eike and AuthIP Key Generation Modules

Are you using a VPN? Let it turn on, otherwise turn off without hesitation.

#8 — Secondary Session Opening

Needless if you don't need to have 2 users authenticated at the same time on your PC.

#9 — Publication of Function Discovery Resources

To disable only if your PC is not networked with other computers.

#10 — Windows Error Reporting Services

Windows reports are never useful for the lambda user.

#11 — Diagnostic Strategy Service

To deactivate because it is useless for the end user.

#12 — program compatibility wizard service

Only useful if you use the compatibility wizard with old programs.

#13 — host service wdiservicehost

To deactivate.

#14 — Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

If you don't use media library sharing features with Windows Media Player, then turn it off...

#15 — Ready Boost service

Supposed to speed up your system via flash memory USB sticks... has never proven its real efficiency!

#16 — WebClient

Completely useless.

#17 — Windows Defender

Windows Defender is none other than the spyware fighting utility. It is very likely that you are already using an all-in-one solution — usually included with your anti-virus. Similarly, if you know the right methods of web browsing, disabling this service will restore power to your hard drive.

#18 — Windows Search/Search Windows

Surely the most effective method to restore the performance of your hard drive at the expense of indexing searches. You will gain in general performance but you will lose in search speed — although this search speed with or without indexing is very relative. I strongly advise you to disable it especially on laptops.

To learn more, I recommend reading the tutorial entitled Disable indexing service on Windows 7/Vista.

A good way to optimise your PC in terms of performance!



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  • Hello, everybody.
    For information purposes, How do I know if you have an IP v4 or v6 address?
    1. Open theorder Invitation (start menu, accessory)
    2. Type ipconfig in the black window that just appeared on the front of your screen.

    All you have to do is find, in the displayed information, whether you are used for your IP address (“IPv4 Adress” OR “IPv6 Adress”)

  • TSS

    Thank you very much for all these tricks and more to Talavera because I have an IP v6 address on my mobile and I had disabled the service

    • Gaëtan

      WebClient is in any case necessary for synchronisation between OneNote 2010 and a notepad located on the skydrive... Don't disable it or make any synchronisation impossible!


    #2 — Netbios support on tcp/ip If your network has computers on Windows 98, leave on... completely useless in 99 % of cases!

    leave in automatic boot for file sharing between ordi its serves A 99 % OF CAS! when you have multiple ordi under windows (I have windows 7 se programm is important for file sharing between ordi.

    and you'd have to test your computer if so much or if your only 1 computer should not put such dangerous tricks.

    • Ben

      Indeed, it is an aberration to stop this service which is indispensable for sharing windows (Samba/CIFS).
      You should specify that...

  • Bogobogo

    For your fault I turned off the “netbios support on tcp/ip” service and I spent an evening trying to figure out why sharing two PCs on Windows seven was no longer working!

    • Titan64

      “"""Bogobogo" said:
      16 February 2011 at 23:26 min

      For your fault I turned off the “netbios support on tcp/ip” service and I spent an evening trying to figure out why the network sharing of two Windows 7 PCs was no longer working!“”

      You just have to show a little intelligence, because every person who knows a little bit of neurons is supposed to do a backup before any intervention on a Os. After always is it easy to incriminate the author of the source, while perhaps even the fault one has generated.
      In your case if you had just worked methodically your OS you would have recovered in less than 5 min
      It is not enough to fly over the Tutos without understanding and throwing the cliques to everything goes.
      An amateur remains an amateur even if he drives the mechanics! And know that all the tricks personal I have applied but all I have kept because everything depends on the use of your bike

  • This one is really to be removed from the list! Because it’s important...

    #2 — Netbios support on tcp/ip

    An article is not written once and for all, and we can apply modifications to anyone who trusts you;-).

    Thank you to the people who commented.

  • dmganges

    Hello and thank you for all this info!

    I created a small script that runs ipconfig to stop/start TCP/IP
    it works well, but after a standby, the TCP/IP alarm clock is relaunched automatically.
    I would like to switch the start of TCP/IP to a manual but I do not see it at the service level.

    Can someone tell me where TCP/IP is started on Window7 and if there is a way to switch it manually.

    Thank you in advance

      • dmganges

        Thank you for taking my request into consideration!
        Simply as a security measure, when I'm with my mobile outside, connected in wifi... I do have a switch, but I have become accustomed to doing it from a script... bof I could do without it of course, but now it’s curiosity in Unix/Linux just to make a stop/start of the service, possibly customise the script at my convenience... so I searched this service on Windows 7, a priori it does not appear in the service manager?

        • dmganges

          I have to say that this idea has been made more pressing since my cell phone wakes up on its own from the day before and that the lights in my box immediately start blinking the crate... I would like to decide myself whether or not the network should start when it happens!

  • Kisscool

    I developed a small customizable utility that was automatising this task at the time for Windows XP and Windows 7 which still needs to be up-to-date for Windows 8 and saves time with each new installation:
    To be adapted as needed and I have planned a reversible program in case of problem(s).
    Be careful I have included the removal of the hi service from Apple too verbose on the network to my liking.
    Do not hesitate to return any bugs or improvements to make.

  • bigjump

    #8 — Secondary Session Opening

    TomTom Home (GPS) users should not disable this service, otherwise the TT Home program cannot work or even install.
    You just have to set this service to shut down and manually boot.

  • Didier Marshal

    Hello, this day I just performed this modif with windows 10 preview and everything is ok after restarting, remains to be tested over longer period!

  • Sami

    I recommend to be careful before deactivating anything: for example, disable the windows search does not make it less powerful? but disables it completely. You will no longer be able to search at all in the explorer. Beware and test for yourself. What can be disabled, however, is the services of some installed applications that you are not using. If you persist and want to disable windows services then take note of what you are doing so that you can go back later in case.


    Thank you very much for this very important info, I disable other services still active thanks to you. I will test my pc again. I row +++ with word and a web application open at the same time.