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19 excellent widgets for Windows Vista

After having concocted you some time ago a best of Vista widgets, here’s a new, newer and more complete selection that will restore vitality to your sidebar. On the menu, clocks, calendars, monitoring (memory, processor, hard disk), multimedia... what to find your happiness among this rich and diverse compilation!

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Clocks and calendars

#1 — Rolex Oyster Perpetual

A clock that looks like a Rolex or how to lose it when you can't afford it! With the same functionality as the default clock (trotter, time zones, name), this clock will give a side hype at your Windows desktop.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual (161.9) KiB, 8,452 downloads)

#2 — Vista Orb Clock

No less than 12 skins make up this set of clocks whose theme is... Vista:

Vista Orb Clock (681.6) KiB, 5,551 downloads)

Monitoring (RAM, processor, hard disk, WIFI)

Looking for powerful and accurate gadgets to measure the amount of RAM used, the usage rate of your different processors,... then this section is made for you!

#3 — Quad/Dual Core Usage

As its name suggests, this widget is able to display the percentage of use of your multiple processors — double heart and quad heart being honored.In addition to providing customizable graphical evolution, it is also able to display the temperature of different cores if you have installed a Speedfan, Everest, etc.

A must in its category!

Quad/Dual Core Usage (83.0) KiB, 10,252 downloads)

#4 — Memory Usage

From the same author as previously, Memory Usage allows to monitor the amount of RAM available. Several skins are also available as well as different graphic display modes.

Memory Usage (33.5) KiB, 5,134 downloads)

#5 — NVIDIA GPU Temp

Want to know the temperature of your graphics card? Here is the solution with this newly updated widget working with all the nVidia cards.

NVIDIA GPU Temp (100.9) KiB, 9,203 downloads)

#6 — Network Traffic

Monitor effectively and simply the state of network traffic.

Network Traffic (57.8) KiB, 4,919 downloads)

#7 — HDD Monitor

In the same style as previous ones but for your different scores.

HDD Monitor (141.0) KiB, 6,005 downloads)


#8 — Desktop Wallpaper

Based on the native-provided Slideshow widget, Desktop Wallpaper adds the ability to do the same for your wallpapers.

Desktop Wallpaper (59.6) KiB, 2,930 downloads)

Instant messaging

#9 — Continuum MSN Messenger

This widget allows you to launch a Windows Live Messenger session autonomously! With a clean interface and no ads, you will certainly be seduced by the latter, especially as it fits perfectly into the sidebar or on the desktop.

To try urgently!

N.B. : the link is at the bottom of the page.

Continuum MSN Messenger (489.3) KiB, 4,083 downloads)


#10 — iTunes Accessory

An excellent widget that will allow you to display the Apple signed media player in the Windows pane. Several skins are available (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) and album jackets are displayed when playing. In addition, classic playback commands are available.

iTunes Accessory (250.0) KiB, 2,931 downloads)

#11 — Imp’s Player

A widget replacing Windows Media Player with all basic functions as well as support for album covers. A mini-mode when no jacket or viewing is displayed and the drag/drop support is also in the part.

Imp’s Player (268.8) KiB, 2,671 downloads)

#12 — volume Control

As you can guess, Volume Control allows you to adjust the sound volume using the mouse wheel via a simple pass over it. As far as personalisation is concerned, dozens of skins are offered, something to satisfy the most demanding. It is also possible to access the Windows Volume Mix by double-clicking on the gadget.

Volume control (614.3) KiB, 3,899 downloads)

Web search tools

#13 — Google Search

A simple search field that allows you to launch Google searches from the sidebar. We will note the compatibility with Firefox and its speed of query execution.

Google Search (17.3) KiB, 2,315 downloads)

#14 — Search France

Search products on via this stylish and compatible Firefox 3 gadget. Search France (34.2) KiB, 1,415 downloads)


#15— UEFA Inform

If there are fans of the round ball among you then this widget is absolutely indispensable for you. It allows you to track the results of the matches, the evolution of the various competitions (Euro2008, Champions League, etc.) as well as the countries of your choice.

For amateurs and enthusiasts... that’s a big percentage of the world’s population!

UEFA Informer Gadget (101.1) KiB, 2,151 downloads)

#16 — App Launcher

Fully customizable, App Launcher lightly replaces the quick launch bar of the taskbar. Add icons from your favorite apps as well as files, folders, etc. Many skins are also available.

There are many options that deserve the detour but would require a full article to review them all. So I suggest you discover them personally.

App Launcher (316.4) KiB, 3.768 downloads)

#17 — Calculatorium

A very powerful calculator allowing the creation of variables (x, y, for example) and the creation of personal functions. Calculatorium will easily replace the good old Windows calculator.

To reserve for maths so!

Calculatorium (92.8) KiB, 2,698 downloads)

#18 — shutdown Restart Gadget

Turn off or restart your PC with one click!

Shutdown Restart Gadget (17.6) KiB, 3,462 downloads)

#19 — Weather Bug

To know the weather forecast in one click!

Gadget Weather (502.9) KiB, 3,985 downloads)

Main sources:

  • OrbLog : an excellent German blog with excellent widgets for Vista, probably the best of its kind;
  • Windows Live Gallery : the official website of Vista widgets;
  • Gadget Vista : a French alternative;
  • DeviantArt : the Infographers’ Portal;

And you friends readers, which widgets would deserve to be included in this list? What are your favorites?


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  • unnamed

    sorry to do the service noob, but I can't find the link for continuum... and since I find it too beautiful, I would absolutely like to download it, so thank you for your future answers

  • Pierre 06

    Good morning.
    Nice list indeed.
    I was looking for the original Vista widgets (Clock & CPU Meter) because they blocked (clock bumper, hands for the counter) after a few seconds; I downloaded the #2 Vista Orb and I have the same problem with the rider, while another one (Swiss railways with hauler) works well.

    Do you have an idea of the nature of the problem and a solution?

  • Pierre 06

    Thank you for answering this quickly.
    Sorry, I'm not a specialist. I‘ve had it for a few months and, not knowing anything about it, I haven’t done a backup for several months. It seems to me that the problem appeared after installing Bit.defender, but nothing sure. It’s a double heart Asus cell phone and I find it a little slower than my Dell fixed burau but good...

  • Lejaud Philippe

    Good morning,
    I would be very grateful if you could tell me the procedure to hand over the black and white round clock with all the numbers (original clock of windows vista).
    Indeed, by a bad manipulation, I deleted this clock that I liked a lot, and although it is still in the system of my computer, I can't recover it.
    In the Windows pane, the button to select: reset all gadgets, stay grayed and I can't use it.
    Thank you very much.
    Philippe LEJAUD