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2 methods to know your PC’s private IP address on Windows 7/Vista

Capture d'écran - Commande ipconfig

Knowing the private IP address of your machine is a useful operation for establishing a private network in particular. Yet it is not always clear where you can find this famous IP: here are 2 functional and fast solutions.

N.B. : be careful, the tips in this article apply to your machine in your local network. To know the public IP address provided by your ADSL modem-router, log in to

#1 — Use a command prompt

Click on the Start menu and then search CMD and do Entry.

A command prompt window is then displayed.

Enter ipconfig then confirm with the key Entry.

Capture d'écran - Commande ipconfig
Screenshot — ipconfig command

The list of network interfaces appears and you would have no trouble identifying the network device concerned (WIFI or Ethernet) and therefore its IP address.

#2 — Using the Network and Sharing Center

In the notification box, click on the icon Network then on Open the Network and Sharing Centre.

Capture d'écran - Accès rapide au Centre Réseau et partage
Screenshot — Quick Access to the Network and Sharing Center

There, click on your login name in the right part of the screenshot below.

Capture d'écran - Choix de la connexion réseau
Screenshot of screen — Choice of network connection

In this example, I click on Connection to the local network for connection NEUF_F474.

A property window will then be displayed. Click on the button Details to show the IP address of your PC.

You are now able to provide your IP address to the machines in your local network. Convenient for creating network location.


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  • Gh0st

    Good morning,

    I‘d like to know if there’s a way to fix your internet connection when you’re on wifi? (as XP proposed, right click, fix my connection)

    Thank you

  • Coyotus

    usually it doesn't work this c***ie implanted in windows

    removes the power outlet from your box for 30 seconds
    leave your box rebooter at ease once the catch is delivered
    test a connection you can also ping or depending on the case see if you have a return
    to access the config of your box in cablé, you open your browser on or depending on the box, you enter the password of your interface box (generally admin, admin or admin, password) and you check the prefs of your wifi