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3 Best Poker Apps for Windows Phone 7

Capture d'écran - Full House Poker sous Windows Phone 7.5

Fan of Online poker? Here is a selection of the best free and paid apps to play alone or online for your Windows Phone. Long hours of games in perspective.

#1 — Full House Poker

Capture d'écran - Full House Poker sous Windows Phone 7.5
Screenshot — Full House Poker on Windows Phone 7.5

Full House Poker is probably the best Poker app for Windows Phone. Developed by Microsoft Studios, the app is Xbox Live compatible: the rewards earned from your Windows Phone are also earned on your Xbox 360, and you are also using your avatar. Graphically the title is very successful. 3 game modes are offered: Standard, Tournaments and Pro Tournaments. We'll regret that all players are AIs. Available in English.

Full House Poker (16.2) MiB, 858 downloads)

Price : 2,EUR 99 (free demo)

#2 — Poker King Online

Capture d'écran - Poker KinG Online pour Windows Phone 7.5
Screenshot — Poker King Online for Windows Phone 7.5

King Online Poker allows you, after a quick registration, to confront thousands of online players. Ideal for parts full of twists. The application is rather successful graphically. We will regret the lack of music at the start but we appreciate the ease of use of the interface. Possibility to chat with competitors and customise your avatar. A must have for online poker fans. English only.

King Online Poker (2.9) MiB, 958 downloads)

Price : Free of charge

#3 — Poker4All

Capture d'écran - Poker4All pour Windows Phone 7.5
Screenshot — Poker4All for Windows Phone 7.5

Poker4All, is a free alternative to the Full House Poker app. James Bond’s theme at startup is pretty nice, the graphics are in average. However, AI is too easy and predictable. It’s too bad! English only.

Poker4All (2.9) MiB, 750 downloads)

Price : Free of charge

And if you prefer to play on your PC, we invite you to discover the Pokerstars app. All in!

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