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5 ways to save your bookmarks and more in Firefox

This article brings together 5 ways to save/restore your Internet favorites in the Mozilla Firefox browser, all versions. Automatic or manual, complete or complete, online or local, all the ways of doing things have been explored and everyone will find the one that suits their personal needs. Good reading!

N.B. : this list includes a series of articles that have recently been published on the blog. This is a good way to take stock of the different ways available to deal with the loss of your Firefox profile.

#1 Save and Recover Profiles Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla 1.x

Despite losing his favorites in Firefox, his emails in Thunderbird, his history in Mozilla or what else do I know? The loss of his profile is indeed nothing cheerful. Yet there is a solution: MozBackup, all-in-one utility, simple to use whose mission is to back up and restore your different user profiles.

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#2 Synchronise your bookmarks with Foxmarks in Firefox 3

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchroniser is an extension available for Firefox 3 that syncs all of its Internet favorites online. Playing the online backup role, Foxmarks has another innovative interest: access to your pagemarks from any PC! A simple and fast way to synchronise your PC and laptop while avoiding the inconvenience of manual synchronisation.

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#3 Automate backup of your bookmarks in Firefox 3

Previously, we have seen how to save/restore your bookmarks in Firefox 3. But why not ask the browser to automate such a process? Thus, there is no need to handle this tedious process, since a simple configuration change makes it possible to do so transparently!

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#4 Save Firefox profile with FEBE

Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) is a Firefox add-on for full or partial backups of its profile. Themes, extensions, bookmarks, history... are the few elements that FEBE is able to preserve in a safe place.Let’s see how the backup of a full profile from A to Z takes place.

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#5 Save/Restore your bookmarks in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 offers different backup/restore methods of your bookmarks grouped in the Library. You can export your favorites to HTML format or save them as a JSON file that allows Firefox to list them chronologically. Don't lose your bookmarks, do regular backup by learning how!

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This list is surely not exhaustive! Friends readers, if you use an alternative method to the ones I just presented, then leave a comment to complete this list!



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  • Yves

    I‘m using Foxmarks and I’m glad...
    But, I'd have to try FEBE because it looks pretty good at all and very complete...

    If I can allow me to comment Mr. Maigret.. your article is good, your excellent tutorials, but in the end, what I expect is YOUR recommendations and opinions...

    So, if you added a little chapter of the style, Maigret likes or Recommends, it would really be TOP! I'm sure you're objective and I know you're going to tell me that every solution to its pros and cons, but, in the end, Maigret’s choice, (the expert), goes to what solution?

  • @yves: Oh, a hell of a dilemma you're putting me there, what’s the ultimate solution...

    Frankly, I have always considered the simplest solutions to be the best.

    Depending on an extension, an online service or software is not in my philosophy, especially when there are hidden options to do so. Often, a software is self-sufficient and it is often because of a lack of knowledge that we find ourselves with a whole bunch of additional programs to meet a need that should not arise.

    Therefore, I prefer the 3 rd solution, i.e., set Firefox to automatically generate an HTML file containing all its favorites. It’s easy to implement, fast and efficient!

    However, it is true that this solution does not allow the entire profile to be saved. However, themes and extensions are easily downloadable despite the fact that they have to be reconfigured.

    So here’s my personal opinion, which meets my needs: save your bookmarks without fioritures.

    In any case, you just put forward a point that is missing in my articles: I almost never take a position in my articles. Neutrality dominates and I now realise that this does not necessarily meet the expectations of my readers. It would be interesting to quickly present the positive and negative points of the study object (software, add-on, plugin, etc.) and to indicate in conclusion my personal opinion.

    Your comment is really relevant and nourished in me a deep reflection, I am very grateful for it!

  • Yves

    So, I was saying all this because I use Firefox on my work laptop under a pro and personal profile, and under 2 other machines. and it’s tedious to put everything back into place every time (after a re-formatting for example)...And you see, by reading people, you sometimes want these last slices for you (the easy side of the thing), especially because you don't have time to test everything, nor want it, and you trust (expert status)...

    I think that often you don't take part enough, while we can do it without denigrating and staying positive...
    This is valid in this style of articles, where we expose several solutions to solve a problem, of course!

  • @yves: I'm completely on the same wavelength as you. Everything depends on the articles we make and it is clear that in the case of a list, highlighting strengths and weaknesses is a real plus. I'm thinking about it for the rest!

  • Lion77

    Yves’s Sugggestion seems pretty good to me, but you should not forget that your neutrality is part of your Maigret strength! And then, exposing the hidden functions is already a bit taking sides...

  • I have a very big weak for FEBE that allows in 5 minutes to end up with an FF the same as at the time of backup. This is very convenient when you often format or install different distributions all the time LOL.

    As Maigret says so well, extensions can be downloaded again, but it takes no time, especially when you have a gut like me. And finally comes the question of the setting of each and again FEBE saves all this in a click.

    In short, it is very practical and I will not separate from it, even if it is not yet perfect.

    And I agree with Yves (even if it never hit me before) you should give your opinion.

  • @agatzebluz: problem solved, there is no shortage of plugins. In fact, having a new nickname requires my permission to publish upstream. In this way, I avoid spam.

    Now you need to be able to edit your comment because the WP Ajax Edit Comment plugin is present.

  • AedFind

    There is also the Weave extension from Mozilla Labs ( which aims to combine the features of FEBE and Foxmarks, namely to synchronise the entire profile, including extensions, between several ordis. But it is still under development, and the project does not seem particularly active.

    Unrelated, but do you know a way to enable/disable an extension without having to restart Firefox? In fact, too many active extensions slows its start up a lot, but if you have to restart everything to launch one it’s not super convenient...

  • Bernard

    To recover its Firefox pagemarks in 3 clicks!

    1. Open the Bookmark menu.
    2. Right click on the option: Organise bookmarks...
    3. In the context menu that opened click Copy.

    You will then have in the Windows clipboard,
    a copy of all your bookmarks.

    Firefox is still better than Internet Explorer! Isn't it?

  • @Bernard: “Firefox is still better than Internet Explorer! Isn't it? “

    Have you ever seen an EI article on this blog? I don't think so... and it says a lot!

    Thank you for the trick — that I might have to add to the list when I had time, but Lion77 beat you through the link he offers above.