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Speed up the performance of your hard drive in Vista

The performance of a hard drive is crucial (and even more on a laptop) for any load: system boot, loading a level into a video game, copying files to Vista... This tip is to enable SATA mode for your hard drives. It uses BIOS: beginner users be careful!

Access to organics

To access the BIOS, (re)start your PC and press (almost) immediately on F2 or SUPPR until the BIOS appears.

Note: since BIOS are different from one brand to another, the names may not be the same as on your PC.

Use the keys on your keyboard to navigate through the BIOS i.e. directional arrows, Entry and Echap.

Activation of SATA mode

Move using arrows on the tab Advanced.

Page daccueil du BIOS (Asus G2S, version 300)
BIOS home page (Asus G2S, version 300)

Open the menu IDE Configuration by pressing Entry.

Onglet Advanced (Asus G2S, version 300)
Advanced tab (Asus G2S, version 300)

Open the menu SATA Operation Mode by pressing Entry.

IDE Configuration (Asus G2S, version 300)
IDE Configuration (Asus G2S, version 300)

Use arrows to highlight Enhanced then validate by Entry.

Options IDE Configuration (Asus G2S, version 300)
IDE Configuration Options (Asus G2S, version 300)

Go to the tab Exit, position yourself on Save Changes and Exit and press Entry.

Page de Sortie du BIOS (Asus G2S, version 300)
BIOS Output page (Asus G2S, version 300)

Validate by OK. The computer’s rebooting.

Sauvegarde des changements (Asus G2S, version 300)
Save changes (Asus G2S, version 300)

Once in Vista, session launched, a new device will be detected. In principle, the pilot settles on its own. If not, download the latest drivers of your SATA hard drive on the manufacturer’s website.

Note: if you want to install XP as a dual boot with Vista, you will have to return to Compatible mode, XP does not support SATA natively. You can reactivate Enhanced mode once hard disk drivers have been installed (provided your DD is SATA compatible).


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