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Accelerate Outlook by disabling add-ons

Are you experiencing running problems with Microsoft Outlook? Performance is no longer at the rendezvous? So let’s learn together how to disable unnecessary extensions to regain an Olympic form.

Start by launching Outlook — 2003 or 2007, then unroll the menu Tools.

Capture décran - Outlook 2007, menu Outils
Screenshot — Outlook 2007, Tools menu

Open the eloquent module titled, Privacy Management Center.

Capture décran - Outlook 2007, centre de gestion de la confidentialité
Screenshot — Outlook 2007, Privacy Management Center

Now go to the module Additions.

Then click on the button To reach... by ensuring that COM Supplements be well selected from the drop-down list Manage.

A new dialog box is appearing. Deselect unnecessary extensions by taking care not to disable those that are useful to you.

Capture décran - Outlook 2007, gestion des modules complémentaires
Screenshot — Outlook 2007, add-on module management

When you are sure of your choices, validate the whole by clicking on the button OK.

Some add-ons cannot be disabled for security reasons. To counter this, run the program as an administrator — via the context menu, then make the desired changes.

On Windows 7, if Outlook is pinned to the task bar, hold Ctrl + Maj pressed and click on the icon. If necessary, override the safety warning. This manipulation allows you to quickly launch a program as an administrator.

A good way to gain performance without losing essential features or being irreversible.


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    Hello I no longer acseder to my inbox outlook I have a logo that goes into hau to the right and SEZS an extention I will in block but it and always the so my account does not want to open Can help you thank you