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Speed up/slow the Start menu display on Vista

The Start menu of Vista has a major flaw: its display speed is extremely low. A rapid intervention in the registry database will allow us to increase it as it pleases. A good way to increase its productivity and the fluidity of the system.

Start by opening the start Menu, then enter regedit to access theRegistry Editor.

Capture décran - Menu Démarrer, saisie de la commande regedit
Screenshot of screen — Start menu, enter the regedit command

Then go to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

In the right side of the window, locate the string MenuShowDelay. Double-click it and enter a value between 5 and 400 (default). The lower the value, the higher the display speed.

Capture décran - Editeur du Registre, choix dune valeur comprise entre 5 et 400 (par défaut)
Screen capture — Registry editor, choice of a value between 5 and 400 (default)

Note that this tip is, not only, valid for the Start menu (click on the Orb button or press the Windows key) but also for all other menus. Make sure you don‘t set a value too low or you won’t control anything anymore.

Simple but effective!

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