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Increase the number of Spaces virtual desktops under MacOS X Snow Leopard

Native feature under MacOS X, virtual desktops (Spaces) allow you to reorganise your windows by creating additional desktops, allowing you to separate and store the different open applications. This tutorial will allow you to increase this number.

Open System preferences using Spotlight then click on Presentation and Spaces. On the tab Spaces, start by activating Spaces (if not already done) by ticking the appropriate box.

Then, set a number of rows and columns using signs +.

Capture d'écran - Préférences système de Spaces
Screenshot — Spaces System Preferences

By default, you have 4 virtual desktops but this number can be extended to 16 which is very appreciable for those who are accustomed to opening a whole bunch of applications simultaneously.


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  • JPDouet

    Good morning,

    To move an application from one office to another:

    — click (leting) on the title bar of the window
    — move this to the desired office

    Once the mouse pointer is on the screen border, the window passes into the selected desktop

    To switch from one office to another, use the “cmd” button + arrows.


  • JPDouet


    To slightly complete this article, once you have taken the habit of moving certain applications to a virtual desktop (spaces), it is possible to configure these applications to launch into the desired virtual desktop.

    To do this, click on the [+] button below the “Application Assignment” table:

    — choose the running application and assign it an office
    — choose “Other location” to view the list of installed applications, then select the application and assign it a desktop

    At the next launch of the application, it will be displayed in the predefined desktop

    It’s simple, isn't it?