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Enable Aero Peek under Firefox 3.6

Take advantage of the new Aero interface features on Windows 7 in Firefox 3.6 by making a few changes within everyone’s reach.

N.B. : these tricks are intended for users of Firefox 3.6 and Windows 7 only.

Ctrl + improved Tab

Under Firefox 3.6, open a new tab and type about:config. Pass the security warning by clicking on the button I'll be careful, I promise!.

Then look for the following key: browser.ctrlTab.previews

Then switch the value to True.

Capture d'écran - Firefox 3.6, modification d'une entrée dans le about:config
Screenshot of screen — Firefox 3.6, modifying an entry in the about:config

To visualise the new visual effect, press the keys Ctrl + Tab, a keyboard shortcut to switch between the different tabs — it is therefore necessary to open several of them.

Capture d'écran - Firefox 3.6, test de la fonctionnalité de changement d'onglets
Screenshot of screen — Firefox 3.6, testing the change feature of tabs

Preview your Firefox tabs

Just as you would for Internet Explorer, it is possible to require Firefox to miniaturise tabs — not windows, in the taskbar to allow a preview.

This long-awaited option is unfortunately not enabled by default... just look for it. browser.taskbar.previews.enable, always via the tab about:config.

Capture d'écran - Firefox 3.6, activation de la prévisualisation des onglets avec Aero
Screenshot of screen — Firefox 3.6, activation of tab preview with Aero

Then switch the value to True to have this feature. The result in image:

Capture d'écran - Firefox 3.6, Aero Peek et Firefox dans la barre des tâches
Screenshot of screen — Firefox 3.6, Aero Peek and Firefox in Taskbar

Each tab is now previewable, as the Firefox icon has multiplied to indicate it.

Mozilla gives us here 2 hidden features specifically dedicated to Windows 7. Why are they not enabled by default? Surely to allow me to communicate them to you today...


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