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Enable self-completion in the Run and Explorer dialog box on Windows 7, 8 and Vista

Capture d'écran - Options Internet de Windows 8, onglet Avancé

All Internet browsers now integrate self-completion. This essential feature allows, by typing the first letters of an address, to complete your input via proposals. Be aware that it is possible to activate it for the address bar of the Windows Explorer and the Run dialog box.

Note: This tutorial was made from Windows 8. Some titles may be different.

To do this, open the Control Panel via the start Menu, then in display mode Great icons, click on Internet Options.

On the tab Advanced, in the part Settings, Navigation, check the box Use semi-automatic input in the address bar of the Windows Explorer and Run dialog box.

Capture d'écran - Options Internet de Windows 8, onglet Avancé
Screenshot — Windows 8 Internet Options, Advanced tab

Click on OK.

The changes are immediate.

Capture d'écran - Explorateur Windows 8 avec auto-complétion activée
Screenshot of screen — Windows 8 Explorer with auto-completion enabled

An indispensable option that should be enabled by default. The user experience is immediately enriched.



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  • throkr

    Good morning Benjamin,

    Thank you for this info; however, I did the same search on “m” (for example) before checking the option in question, and it already works.
    Apparently, this option would be well activated pae flaw...
    (tested on Win 8 Pro x64).

  • Alain Ternaute

    @throkr: yes, a -component- containing a proposal list appears by default -below- of the input bar. On the other hand, nothing fits into this bar (just at the end of the seizure). Also, to have this function that simplifies manual selection by pressing a single key (right arrow or input), you have to activate it as explained.