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Enable emoticons keyboard (emoji keyboard) on iOS 7

Capture d'écran - Clavier emoji (émoticônes) sous iOS 7

By default, under iOS 7, the emoji keyboard, which allows you to enter emoticons in a message for example, is not enabled by default. Follow this tutorial to fix it.

From the home screen, tap on the icon Settings.

Capture d'écran - Paramètres d'iOS 7

Then type successively on General,

Capture d'écran - Paramètres généraux d'iOS 7


Capture d'écran - Paramètres du clavier sous iOS 7


Capture d'écran - Paramètes des claviers sous iOS 7

and finally Add a keyboard.

Capture d'écran - Choix du clavier, iOS 7

Choose to Emoji icons.

The changes are immediate. If you launch the Notes app for example, you will see a new globe-shaped icon. If you type on it, you will then have access to dozens of emoticons to insert into your emails, messages, notes...

Capture d'écran - Clavier emoji (émoticônes) sous iOS 7

An essential option!



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  • Clear

    Since yesterday, on my iphone 5s, I can't use my emoticones anymore. As I want to insert one in my text, my bug and go back to the homepage. An idea?

    • Miramax

      The same for me. I can't put any emoticons in my posts/facebook and other apps anymore. It sends me back to the app screen systematically.
      I've tested everything... but nothing does it.

  • Act C

    I don't think it comes from a MàJ, the keyboard started crashing from one moment to the next for me.
    I haven't found a solution yet, even the phone update didn't help, and I don't see myself restoring it just for that.
    In any case if someone to a solution I am taker!

  • Sebastien

    Alas, alas, for a while (from a maj in particular? I don't know...), most emoticones on the emoji keyboard crash the app on which I am, any one, it can be very annoying on a texto because the text while typing is not yet saved and you have to start over again...
    in short, another Apple bug (and it’s getting common now...) and no solution!

  • Tony

    Exactly the same problem! Even after a restoration it still doesn't solve my problem! I think I'm going to the apple store tomorrow!