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Activate the mini-translator in Word 2010

Word 2010 marks the emergence of new translation options perfectly incorporated into the word processing software. Whether you want to translate a whole word or page, Word will make no difference!

In Office 2007, it was possible to translate a word or paragraph simply by flying over it. Major drawback, the result was displayed as a tooltip which made the tool inconvenient. Office 2010 reviews its copy for our greatest happiness.

Activate the mini-translator

Click on the tab Revision then on the button Translate and opt for Mini-translator.

Capture d'écran - Fonction Traduction de l'onglet Révision du ruban Office 2010
Screen capture — Translation function of the Office Tape Review tab 2010

In the dialog box, click the drop down list to select the destination language and then click on OK.

Capture d'écran - Options du mini-traducteur d'Office 2010
Screenshot — Office 2010 Mini Translator Options

Use of the mini-translator

Then select the word (or paragraph) to translate to see, almost instantaneously, a transparent mini-window close to your mouse. Hover it to display it normally.

Capture d'écran - Le mini-traducteur d'Office 2010 en action
Screenshot — Office 2010 mini-translator in action

Functions of the mini-translator

The translation window allows you to:

  • Copy the translated text;
  • Read it via voice synthesis (needs to activate this feature);
  • Develop the text in the sidebar of Word — as was the case before;
Capture d'écran - Fonctions du mini-traducteur (Développer, Copier, Lecture/Arrêt de la synthèse vocale)
Screenshot — Mini Translator Functions (Develop, Copy, Play/Stop Voice Synthesis)

Change the language of the mini-translator

To finish, if you want to change the language of the translator, nothing simpler, click on the tab Revision, then on Translate and finally on Change the language of translation.

In the left column, click on Mini-translator and use the drop-down list to change the language. Click on OK to validate.

This improvement of the mini-translator, present throughout the Office 2010 office suite, gives the user a real gain in both productivity, ergonomics and simplicity.


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  • Jean-Claude

    I bought a new computer with Micrsosoft Office 2010 already installed.
    The “translate” function exists well in Word and Excel but it does not work: only the first word is translated regardless of the length of the text. Solution? Thank you