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Enable Power Saving Mode on Windows Phone 7

The 7.5 update for Windows Phone 7 (more known as Mango) was released a few weeks ago, bringing no less than 500 new features to the system, from which to compete with iOS and Android. Discover in this tip how to activate the brand new “Energy Saving” mode on your WP7.

To do this, go to the menu on the right and then tap on Settings.

Tap on Battery Saver under System.

Check the box Always activate the battery saver when the battery is low.

You also have the option to force the eco mode by ticking the box Enable battery saver until next charge.

Note that battery-saving mode disables multitasking, automatic mail resupply, notifications and some other services.

Finally, if you go down to the bottom of the screen, you can get additional information on the state of your battery (updated in real time depending on whether or not the eco mode is activated):

  • remaining autonomy as a percentage;
  • remaining autonomy in days and hours;
  • time since loading.

A convenient new option that I immediately activated on my Omnia 7 that avoids changing its settings manually (including my 5 email accounts) when you need a battery for a long time without current in the vicinity.

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