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Enable visual styles in Windows Vista using Vista Glazz

To be able to use a graphic theme in Vista — as in XP, it is necessary to appropriate a whole bunch of system files. However, this long and time-consuming process now belongs to the past thanks to Vista Glazz, a very simple utility that automates the mission of appropriation of the files needed to activate visual styles.


Vista Glazz has the following advantages:

  • Allow the use of visual styles (themes) in Windows Vista;
  • Keep transparency when a window is maximised;

You can download it at the following address:

Vista Glazz 2.0 (Windows Vista & Seven) (2.1) MiB, 12,707 téléchargements)

Then proceed to the installation and launch it.

System file ownership process

The interface is simple and allows you to complete 2 steps of file patches.

Capture d'écran - Vista Glazz ou comment activer les styles visuels dans Windows Vista SP1
Screenshot — Vista Glazz or how to enable visual styles in Windows Vista SP1

Click on the first icon to patch system files:

Capture d'écran - Vista Glazz, patch des fichiers systèmes
Screenshot — Vista Glazz, patch of system files

Click on the second icon to patch the style files:

Capture d'écran - Vista Glazz, patch des fichiers de styles
Screenshot of screen — Vista Glazz, patch of style files

Restart the computer.

To activate the new graphic themes, place them in the following folder:


Capture d'écran - Activation d'un nouveau thème visuel
Screenshot — Activation of a new visual theme

Then double-click a file whose extension ends .msstyles

A window opens, validate by clicking on OK then wait a few moments. Your new graphic theme is now enabled.

The Web is full of visual styles but DeviantArt is really THE reference in this matter! Enjoy!


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  • killic

    Hello everyone,
    here I just installed the program and at the time of the “Click on the first icon to patch the system files” it tells me an error! then at the restart of vista, I ended up with a grey theme “style windows98”! now it is impossible for me to change the theme! what to do?
    help me...


  • G-rèm

    Good morning! I integrated VISTA Glazz... I click on the 1st icon and at the window “System files” at the bottom, I have BACK and UNPATCH FILES! And put ERROR on me! And dc, no way to use this program. Sniff... Help please me! Thank you in advance. G-rèm.

  • G-rèm

    No, no, no. I thought I had a bad manip on my part so I disinstalated everything, deleted the theme in c: everything put back as before then re-instalised VISTA Glazz and nothing to do, c tjr the meme... Mnt, I find myself an all gray WINDOBE theme... and more AERO theme! The error message me di ke I use VISTA ULTIMATE 64BITS. It would be because of his? I had overcloked my pc for a while, dc, thinking that this summer, I put it all back to zero... However, I‘m running in CORE 2 QUAD Q9400 (2.66Mhz) before a N’VIDIA 8500 GT 1 024 MB. Everything’s been well shot Juske here... I don't understand! Should I reinstate VISTA 64B to fix the problem? You who tjr was looking in your Enquettes, Help me Maigret...

  • @G-rèm : Don't panic! According to the official website, all systems and architectures are supported. So on that side, there shouldn't be any worries.

    Let’s try to reactivate the Aero theme. Go to C:WindowsResourcesThemesAero then double-clical on Aero. In the section Color model, check that Windows Aero is enabled and then valid by clicking on Apply then on OK.

    P.S: I don't want to look unpleasant, but spelling efforts would be appreciated because it’s not always easy to decode you. There’s nothing bad about me, it’s just so we can understand each other better.

  • G-rèm

    BJR! I don‘t understand why you’re telling me to pay close attention to my spelling because I never had any notice about it. May well, everyone his way of seeing... I accept all criticisms with philosophy. You told me double clicked on AERO, which I did, but I didn't MODELE DE COLEURS... I only have one file “fr-FR”, another “Shell” and the “aero.msstyles”. If you could enlighten me, please... thank you.

  • @G-rèm : it’s the file aero.msstyles that we have to open. Next, take over the steps of the previous comment and it should work.

    P.S. : it wasn't a review, it was just for a better understanding...

  • G-rèm

    Okay. Okay. I did what you told me and his didn't change anything, no AERO theme in the list... I re-instaled my graphics card and nothing did it either... so I would have to reinstalate Vista... snifff... thank you for everything! Good continuation to you! G-rèm.

  • @G-rèm : ARF, it’s really no luck. I retested Vista Glazz yesterday afternoon on a clean Vista SP1 and everything worked wonderfully.

    I think that there must be several problems prior to the use of this program that came to light when it was activated. But it’s just an assumption.

    Before you reformat, you can always send me screenshots by email (webmaster[at] or via the forum.

    Otherwise, good luck in your reformatting and don't forget to make backups of your data.

  • @Lion77 : you're right, the official website is offline. I'll see if I can find a different source or offer it directly from my server. I'll let you know in a next comment. Thanks to you!

  • @Benoit : the only way that exists to my knowledge and to use system restoration and then select a point prior to the installation of Vista Glazz. If you have disabled this feature of Windows Vista — for security reasons for example, we will try another solution.

  • SOS

    Good morning.
    I have a problem.
    When I try to use VistaGlazz, it shows me “An error has ocurred”, etc. by saying that there is a problem with “shsvcs dynamic link library”

    What to do?

  • @SOS : what version of Vista do you use? SP1 or SP2? Are you the administrator of your PC? Have you installed a third-party theme management program that could interfere?

    If this hasn't caused any trouble yet on your PC, the best thing is that you don't try to go further, otherwise you'll have some graphic inconvenience that are not easy to troubleshoot through interposed comments.

  • Benji

    Hi! I have a problem with VistaGlazz, I have download version 1.3 and when I want to apply the first patch it informs me that the files it is about to edit are not of the form that it expects. A red cross appeared on the small shield of the first icon. Can you explain to me?
    thank you in advance

  • @Benji : a priori, the system files have already been modified... maybe you have already applied a patch or are you using customisation software (genre Tune Up Utilities)?

  • Abdou

    Hi I insert VistaGlazz me when I want to open the incon to start patching the pins it appears a following msg “VistaGlazz has stopped working and also these error codes” 

    Stop working
    Signature of the problem:

    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Signature of problem 01: vistaglazz.exe
    Signature of problem 02:
    Signature of problem 03: 4af4bd3e
    Signature of problem 04: mscorlib
    Signature of problem 05:
    Signature of problem 06: 47577b16
    Signature of problem 07: f44
    Signature of problem 08: 7
    Signature of problem 09: N3CTRYE2KN3C34SGL4ZQYRBFTE4M13NB
    System version: 6.0.6001.
    Regional Parameter Identifier: 1036
    Read our privacy statement:
    Can you help me please?

  • @Abdou : I have no specific answers on this issue. Try to remove it completely and then update your system via Windows Update. Then download the latest version and then sound the installation.

    If this doesn't work, try to contact the authors of this software.

  • hagareno

    Good evening I would like to know if there was a video of you doing the manipulation, it would help me a lot because I‘m average computer but I don’t understand the writing well. Thank you!

  • Odinus

    Good morning,
    This little message to tell you that I tried to install visual themes like in Windows7 on my Vista Preimum SP2 32 bits, using VistaGlazz but it doesn't work quite. Indeed, the W7 themes open, but they remain frozen on the first image, while with W7 they scroll. On the other hand, I don't have a Windows 7 styles for Vista directory displayed. What can I do to remedy this problem? Thank you for your answer.