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Adopt the Windows Seven theme in Windows Vista

In addition to the increased performance announced for Windows Seven, Microsoft has focused on a new graphic theme, once again based on Aero. It already makes emules on the canvas and copies of all kinds are developing. Now, after a lot of research, here’s the official theme of the next OS to download now on Protuts.

N.B. : if you encounter theme issues with Vista Glazz, go to comment Cypher who will give you the solution!

First of all, you need to track the manipulation of patching the system in order to be allowed to use visual styles (themes) in Windows Vista: Enable visual styles in Windows Vista using Vista Glazz

Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds thanks to Vista Glazz.

Then download the following archive:

Windows Seven Theme (996.1) KiB, 25,965 téléchargements)

Unzip it and copy the folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

Now double-click on the file Windows 7.msstyles. A window will then be displayed:

Capture d'écran - Paramètres de l'apparence
Screenshot of screen — Parameters of the appearance

Validate by clicking on OK.

Capture d'écran - Windows Seven en action
Screenshot of screen — Windows Seven in action

You now have the official theme of the future Windows Seven! Enjoy!


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    • darkwish

      good mornings

      I‘d like to put this theme, but it doesn’t work.

      I put it in the double clik theme folder on the file says to use vista Glazz but its doing nothing

      thank you in advance for your help

  • @Rainbow: link again operational!

    @Jean—Marie: a very good graphic theme in fact that replaced the default Vista! However, there must be the same thing for XP on Google...

    • theokkkkkkkkkk

      Hi lean for xp I find you tappe how to have the theme of windows vista on xp then goes on how it works well there is a link you click on download here

  • Lion77

    Good morning,
    Excited by the comments and photos I applied the instructions to the letter but unfortunately it does not work at all on my pc!
    Maybe it’s because I already have a “Tune Up Utilities Theme” in service?

  • Matthieu

    well, I saw the results in the comment on this software and I don't want it to happen to me.
    But it’s nothing, I did without it, I'd be able to continue without it.
    Thank you for your help.

    And I love this site, I go there every week!

    Have a good weekend!

  • Krull

    Hello, I am delighted with your tutorial and it works wonderfully, however this does not apply to my widgets as on your screen!

  • Thomas

    I tell her, but I don't say anything...
    it’s not the theme of the next windows bone
    I‘m saying since I’m running windows seven on all my machines.

  • navigator29200

    good evening, good night! I often come to read the comments on all topics! as well vista as XP! So here’s forkoi my presence! Some wish to have the Seven themes under xp!
    okay, I've done two manipulations! I first downloaded the themes seven! then! I installed the vista theme! >>pourkoi? ‘simply that theme seven doesn't have the icons! So with the vista theme! I keep what’s missing! I've removed (in resource) the vista theme) and stay seven! So I run on xp -pro pack2 and my desktop+ folder are top! I don't want to send a screen capture of what I'm talking about!
    I had sent you a link about the website of mag-dog! what do you think?
    this site trusts me it already works on seven!
    to make his own DVD of vista! I confirm! it’s very easy to do! The I shoot under vista prenium! I have removed options! So here is! the site A MISTER MAIGRET is really well explained!
    a big thank you to him long life to your site and yourself! Good evening of brest!
    KENAVO has all!

  • @navigator29200 : thank you for your comment, faithful reader of Brest! I don't really have a opinion on mag-dog but for the moment I'm seeing if I can't make myself a Vista DVD, with silent installation integrating all the latest drivers and basic apps. Basically, a Windows distribution. But good Internet is quite long right now question download...

    If not, thank you again for the compliments!

  • Emmanuel

    No, no error message in particular. I installed VistaGlazz as requested (both icons have a green coat of arms, that’s what I think...). Then I put the Windows 7 folder in C:WindowsResourcesThemes. I click Windows 7.msstyles, then I do OK. Nothing happens.

    EDIT: I'm running Windows Vista SP1 32 bits.

  • XX-th0m4s-xx alias thomas

    it’s still far from looking like windows seven I speak knowingly because I currently use it if you want I can send you a screen capture from my desktop and you will see the theme of windows seven

  • @Emmanuel : sorry for this late reply but I haven't found any solutions to your problem...

    @harloc : the best thing you have to do is consult the Official FAQ to see if there’s no solution.

    @XX-th0m4s-xx alias thomas : I also use Seven in beta and I fully agree that we cannot get the final result. That said, we always get a little closer to it I find. Everything is just a matter of point of view.

  • XX-th0m4s-xx alias thomas

    No longer looking to put windows seven themes on your OS xp or vista but simply waited for the RC version of windows seven that will have to be released on April 10, 2009 as mentioned in this site
    knowing that normally the build theme 6956,7000,7022,7035 would not have the final theme windows seven... that’s what I read on some windows seven blog

  • zenmaster

    good morning
    I have a little problem with the Windows Seven theme. Actually after downloading it and copying to C:Windows\Resouces\Themes I find myself with an aero theme commancant by Greek! I know it’s strange but it’s the case! . I still activate it!. Despite this the theme is not exactly similar to the one presented!. I explain. Indeed, the contour of the windows is not transparent outside the transparency is activated from the vista theme. Even I find myself more with a basic vista theme rather than a Windows Seven theme! Could you help me please? Thank you

  • @zenmaster : Greek? It’s a joke or your Vista isn't original or there’s something seriously wrong in your PC...

    First, try to reset the default theme by disabling Vista Glazz’s 2 options. Also try to right-click Customise on the Office then open the module Theme. In the drop-down list, selects Windows Vista then validate via the button OK.

    In principle, this should restore the original theme. If it still doesn‘t work, I invite you to sign up to the Forum and post screenshots and a more detailed description of everything you’ve tried so far.

    Good luck!

  • zenmaster

    Well, finally, I was able to solve my problem, which was actually stupid. ! I simply extracted the zip folder directly into my themes! Because before I saved them in my documents then I copied them and so the problem came from here! But now the themes are done correctly! . However, when I activate the theme seven my taskbar it is not transparent as it appears on the image! What should I do? I specify that transparency in “colour and apprence of the forest” is activated! could you give me a solution please! thank you =)

  • zenmaster

    Yes Vista has been patched, and to be sure I do them again! But however the transparent or translucent effect of the taskbar is missing! I tried to install some software such as Transbar but all propose to make the task bar transprente as well as the icons present which is quite annoying.
    Would you have a solution, please? Thank you =)

  • Olivier

    Hi as I see you seem to know a lot about the theme I have a problem I have windows vista prenium but every time I stop and restart my computer the revien theme has classic windows style but it didn't fuse his before if someone know who’s wrong in my pc says me

  • @MIC : visible changes are in the task bar, start menu, and Windows explorer from green to blue. If you look at the screenshot in its enlarged version, I think you can see the changes in more detail.

    After it’s certain that to push customisation, you need to change the wallpaper, the watch screen, etc. If you want to know, consult this article on the 7 tricks to turn Windows Vista into Windows Seven. I hope you're interested in him.

    But, it should be noted that this article was written a few months ago and Seven is getting closer and closer to its final version: developments have therefore taken place.

    @Olivier : did that happen to you before you set up this theme?

  • zemimi

    I managed to make a computer very close to seven, by the way thank you for the 7 tricks that I was well served
    In seven beta, I recovered the wordpad app that I wanted to graft on my relooked vista but its does not work and explains that it is not a valid win32 app while it’s taken from seven 32bit rc 7000 in virtualisation

  • @zemimi : cool, I'm glad these tricks were helpful to you!

    Could you upload a screenshot of your desktop to see the result? That would be nice.

    For WordPad, I think there is a particular method to use it on Vista but I'm not sure. If I find anything, I'll signal you.

  • Cypher

    Hello everyone, I had the same problem as you.
    First of all, you need to patch the files and restart.
    Enable AERO styles and restart again.
    Once all this is done, you re-select the MSSTYLES file, you click OK and the turn is played!

  • @zemimi : thank you for the screenshot of your desktop!

    @Cypher : a huge thank you for this return! Many people have encountered this problem, I will now be able to refer them to your solution. Thank you again!

  • MrLaGuigne

    Thank you for your advice, I have a little question, is there a risk that this theme and the small Vista Glazz software might slow down the system? or cause small damages?

  • @MrLaGuigne : Vista Glazz does not slow down the system because it only patches a few files. Same for the theme.

    As for a pity, the only problem users have encountered so far was the fact that the system was feeding into Windows theme version grey version. However, on the comment 47, Cypher found the solution.

    So no worries!

  • Arnaud

    Good morning,

    I‘ve all done the right thing and her still doesn’t work, his rest on the theme of vista

    I leave you my msn address for those who are kind enough to help me:

    Thank you in advance