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Adjust character size in Windows Vista

You are the lucky owner of a state-of-the-art screen with native resolution equal to or greater than 1920×1200 but feel that while it’s great for playing DVDs or Blu-rays, playing next-gen video games, it’s a real problem to easily play any kind of textual information on the screen. However, there is a very simple way to increase the size of the characters at your convenience. Follow the guide!

On the Windows Desktop, right click and click on Customise.

Capture décran - Menu contextuel du Bureau, module Personnaliser
Screenshot — Desktop context menu, Customise module

In the left side column, click on Adjust font size (in PPP).

Capture décran - Module Personnaliser
Screenshot — Customise Module

We will now be able to set a higher display size. Knowing that the default scale is 96 PPPs, click on Larger scale of (120 PPPs) — text is more readable.

Capture décran - Paramétrage de la taille des caractères
Screenshot of screen — Character Size Settings

You also have the option to specify a custom scale via the button Custom ladder...

Note that each available size is actually an overview of what you will get after clicking on OK then restart your PC.

A good way to avoid eye pain, especially if you are confined to office activities or suffer from visual problems.


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  • Mary

    good evening
    I understand these explanations very well except that I cannot click at the bottom of the page on ok or apply the page being too long.
    could you give me an easy solution to executer being novice in front of my computer.
    thank you. M.e.

  • @Mary : if I understand correctly, without making any of the changes indicated above, the window to set the size of the characters exceeds the screen?

    In this case, it is necessary to increase the resolution of the screen by opening the module Display settings as can be seen in the first screenshot at the bottom of the window.

  • Floriane

    Good morning,
    I have a problem on my father’s PC (Windows Vista) who uses magnifying glass to watch his screen.
    As the magnifying glass was disabled, I suspect that he wanted to change the scale into a ppp of characters, which had the effect of having a screen with windows of an oversized size. So it’s impossible for me to go back to the setting. Even in safe mode, the characters are very large and I don't have the possibility to have all the fields.
    How to return to an ordinary situation (without having to reformat everything for example)? The PC is currently unusable...
    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Floriane

    Good morning,
    Actually the characters and theme are configured so big that a right click gives two arrows to go up and down (in the right-click menu of the desktop) but without seeing any of the lines. If someone knew keyboard shortcuts (under vista) to put the default theme back I think it would be great but I don't know if it exists for all the shortcuts...

    • I wonder if you don't have a resolution problem. Is the home screen (when you enter your login and password) also disproportionate? Try to send me a screenshot via an online image sharing site.