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Amnesty Generator or how to convert widgets for your sidebar

Disappointed with the lack of widgets available for Windows Vista while Google offers thousands? This era is now over thanks to the pearl that is Amnesty Generator. Its purpose: convert web gadgets to widgets for your sidebar, free of charge and in just a few clicks. Interested? So follow the guide!


Amnesty Generator is a utility that will allow you to add any widget found on the web to your Windows pane. Understand by this, simply copy/paste the HTML code of the widget of your choice, give it a name to see it appear on your screen.

The possibilities are disproportionate, here are some examples:

  • Google Gadgets;
  • YouTube videos, Dailymotion, etc.;
  • Flash;

No useless chatter dreams! I invite you to download this program in its first version now:

Amnesty Generator 1.0 (4.5) MiB, 1.408 downloads)

N.B. : a version is also available for users of MacOS X.

Practical use

Once the software is downloaded, install the software and launch it.

Based on a 3-step wizard system, Amnesty Generator is really easy to use.

1era step — Get the code of the gadget to convert

To do this, select a site from the proposed list — for example, Google Gadgets, and then click on the button  Open Site in Browser.

Then search for the widget of your choice and copy the HTML code of it.

Capture d'écran - Amnesty Generator, copie du code HTML

2e step — Copy HTML code

As part of the input, copy the previously copied code.

Capture d'écran - Création d'un widget Vista avec Amnesty Generator
Screenshot — Create a Vista widget with Amnesty Generator

3e step — Customisation of the new gadget

To give a personal touch to your widget, fill in the following fields:

  • Name : enter a name;
  • Image : click on the button Browse... then search for an image symbolising the gadget;
  • Width : indicate the width;
  • Height : indicate the height;

Once the fields have been completed, click on the button Generate...

The Gadget Gallery then go ahead. As you can see, a new widget now appears. Double-click or drag/drop it on your desktop for display.

Here is an example of a practical application with Google Agenda:

Capture d'écran - Amnesty Generator, étape n°2
Screen capture — Amnesty Generator, step #2

Amnesty Generator is therefore promised a bright future as its potential is immense. However, this first version is still prone to some bugs and I advise you to use web gadgets made by Google. So convinced?


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