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Angie, the Siri-like for Windows Phone

Logo de l'application Angie pour Windows Phone

If you're jealous of Siri on iPhone, know that there is the same thing for Windows Phone, I named Angie, a free xbrainsoft app discovered at Techdays 2012 in Paris. Discover in the article this personal assistant.

Logo de l'application Angie pour Windows Phone
Logo of the Angie app for Windows Phone

Presentation of Angie

The app covers a large number of queries such as anniversaries (recovered on Facebook), the TV program, the scholarship, the weather, sending messages, searching for places... The results are then displayed on the screen of your smartphone and are pronounced by Angie.

Note that you can choose a girl’s or boy’s voice.

Voice recognition works pretty well and it’s quite surprising.
In short, we can only congratulate this French company (cocorico) for its application which is intended to be cross-platform and not exclusive to Windows Phone. Indeed, it will soon be available under other OS.

The official website :

Download Angie

Start by downloading the Angie app directly from the Marketplace.

Angie for Windows Phone 7 (unknown, 1,422 téléchargements)

To be tested without further delay!


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