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Immediately apply changes to the register in Vista/7

When you make changes to the Registry Database, these often require a reboot of the PC to be applied. However, there are different ways to automate this update process much faster.

Update 24/11/2009 : a third method now exists. This is a detailed hidden option in the tutorial Restart the process explorer.exe without closing your Windows sessions.

#1 — Kill the process explorer.exe

It’s probably the most classic trick. To implement it, press the keys Ctrl + Maj + Echap then click on the tab Process.

Select the process explore.exe then right click Complete the process.

Capture décran - Gestionnaire des tâches, liste des processus
Screenshot — Task Manager, Process List

Then open the menu File then New task (run...). In the text box, type explore.exe then click on OK.

Capture décran - Commande Exécuter, création du processus explorer.exe
Screenshot of screen — Command Run, create process explorer.exe

#2 — Run System Control

Open the start Menu then enter CMD or Order Invitation. Copy/paste the following code and press the key Entry.

RUNDLL32.EXE USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters,1,True
Capture décran - Invite de commandes, saisie de la commande de rafraîchissment du système
Screenshot of screen — Command prompt, input system refresh command

Wait a few seconds, as long as the system gets updated.

Creating a shortcut

To go further, you can create a shortcut for this command which is hardly very easy to remember. To do this, right click Nouveau then Shortcut on your Office.

Capture décran - Ajout dun nouveau raccourci
Screenshot of screen — Add a new shortcut

On the first screen, enter the command above and then click on Next.

Capture décran - Assistant de création dun raccourci, saisie de la commande
Screenshot of screen — Create a shortcut wizard, enter command

Now give a name to your shortcut — for example, Refresh Explorer.exe.

To validate, click on Finish.

A simple double-click on the shortcut will allow you to update your system and therefore confirm the changes made in the registry without restarting the computer.

Creating a keyboard shortcut

To automate this task even more, it is possible to assign a keyboard shortcut. Right click Properties on your shortcut in question and click on the field Shortcut key. Then press the combination of keys of your choice — for example, Ctrl + F11.

To finish, click on OK. All you have to do is test your keyboard shortcut. For example, you can make a modification in the Registry Base and then make Ctrl + F11 or use the shortcut. The update is instant without having to close the registry window.

A simple but daunting trick of efficiency that will give you a lot of services. However, perhaps there are other methods to “killer” this famous process explore.exe? Do you know them?


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  • Lion77

    Hello and thank you
    I had never heard of the 2nd method which, it seems to me, seems even more ferocious than the 1st. I'll test it right now.

    There may be a 3 rd one, but I'm not pro enough in computer science to find out: this is the one used by “Vista Manager” a tweaker that offers immediate aplication after each manipulation.

  • @Lion77: yes, it’s true that the second one is terrible. I tested by modifying some keys whose result can be easily seen and I have not encountered any problems. But I'd like you to confirm, two reviews are better than one!
    Personally, the software for tweaker I do not use them because they undo what I have already undertaken as modifications. Besides, I don‘t think they’re to be put in all hands. That said, it’s just my opinion...

  • Lion77

    Well, it is true that this 2nd way of doing seems quite effective (after testing it) and has the advantage of being even faster than the 1st.

    About the tweakers I agree with you on the potential cancellation of the changes that were taken care of — it happened to me too — but this is not a generality which is why I strongly advise you to explore Vista Manager (without using it — it is not because we are on the diet that we cannot look at the menu) because it has the advantage, the GROS advantage not to generalise “improvements”. Each option is clearly distinct and it also makes a backup of the BDR as soon as it opens and allows for the distinct and independent restoration of each of the changes previously made.
    He only has two faults: it is in English and trial limited to 30 days but there are still “possible arrangements”

  • @AIDSrape : you have a choice between one or the other of the methods. But, these are not incompatible with each other, you can use the first and then use the second at another time.

  • Jacques

    Finding this article very interesting, I wanted to apply shortened me without success.
    No error message, but apparently it doesn't do anything!
    Does it work with Seven Ultimate 64 bit? Since these are 32 bit dlls?
    Thank you for enlightening me

  • mejdik

    I try to disable the windows key via the.reg key file
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]
    “Scancode Map”=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,03,00,00,00,00,00,5B,E0,00,00,5C,E0,00,00,00,00
    if I launch C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters,1,True
    there’s nothing going on, I have to restart so that the modifs are taken into account.