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Share your personal photos with Synology Photo Station

Capture d'écran - Installation de Photo Station

The advantage of having a Synology NAS is the quality of the hardware and software available to efficiently store, save and share your data with people of your choice. Unlike any third party service like Picasa, Facebook or Flickr, you are really the master of your data. Let’s discover together Photo Station, the app to share your photos with your loved ones with ease.

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Boot directly on Windows 8 desktop

The new home screen introduced on Windows 8 by Microsoft hasn't finished unpleasant to the majority of its users. Definitely too oriented to tablet uses, this screen can easily be turned off to start immediately on the traditional desktop. With the help of Skip Metro Suite, a non-intrusive portable utility we can also benefit from customisation options for the least interesting.

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Format a USB drive to NTFS on command line

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Why use the command line to format a USB stick even though such an option is accessible via the context menu or disk management tool? Precisely, when these traditional methods fail by showing you an error that does not advance you at nothing. If you are used to format your USB stick regularly — under several operating systems in particular, then follow this tutorial.