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Easily switch between MacOS X and a Partiton Boot Camp (Windows)

Capture d'écran - MacOS X, préférences systèmes de démarrage

You are installing Windows on your Mac via the Boot Camp utility but you don't understand how to switch between these two universes? This tutorial will teach you 2 very simple methods of use.

#1 — Using System Preferences

Toggle from MacOS X to Windows

On MacOS X, open the System Preferences via the Dock icon or Spotlight. Then click on the icon Start-up.

Capture d'écran - MacOS X, préférences systèmes de démarrage
Screenshot — MacOS X, Startup Systems Preferences

A new window will be displayed. Just select which boot partition will be.

To go back to Windows, click on Windows on BOOTCAMP.

Capture d'écran - Windows sur Boot Camp
Screenshot of screen — Windows on Boot Camp

Do then Restart... then confirm by clicking the button a second time Restart.

Capture d'écran - Basculer entre MacOS X et Windows
Screenshot — Switch between MacOS X and Windows

Your Mac will now switch to the Windows universe.

Toggle from Windows to MacOS X

Once you are on Windows, notice the presence of a grey icon in the notification area.

Capture d'écran - Redémarrage sous MacOS X depuis Windows 7
Screenshot — Rebooting on MacOS X from Windows 7

In addition to the configuration options specific to Boot Camp, you can click on Restart on MacOS.

#2 — Use Keyboard Shortcut

When starting the computer, hold the key Alt pressed right after the gong.

A screen will allow you to choose which booter system.

Capture d'écran - Dual boot MacOS X / Windows 7
Screenshot — Dual boot MacOS X/Windows 7

Make your choice using arrows and validate with the key Entry..

These 2 methods will have taught you to switch smoothly between the world of MacOS X and Windows. We‘ll appreciate whether we don’t have a start-up list like it’s Windows in dual-boot.


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