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Block hidden and anonymous numbers with Kiwi Fibre

Tired of responding to satisfaction surveys, getting caught up in the nose, being asked by call-centers from Africa, China or India? If you are a Kiwi Fibre customer, you may be interested in this article. Not sponsored.

Block anonymous/masked calls

To do this, connect to your Kiwi Fibre customer area.

After entering your login and password, go to the tab Telephony via the left menu.

Espace client Kiwi Fibre
Kiwi Fibre customer area

Then, under Manage incoming calls, check the box Block anonymous/masked calls and do Save.

Espace client Kiwi Fibre
Kiwi Fibre customer area

Bonus: red list

If you do not want to appear in directory and information services, uncheck the box I would like to be included in the directory and information services under Publication directory and check it out:

  • prohibit the use of my contact information for commercial prospecting purposes
  • prohibit the search for my contact information from my phone number (reverse search)
  • show only the initial of my first name
  • show only my city and postal code

Then Save.

You will no longer be unnecessarily disturbed by your landline as of this day!

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