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Bug: Default fonts, artifacts and bizarre symbols on Windows 8

Capture d'écran - Dossier Fonts de Windows

You start your PC on Windows 8 (or higher) and you see weird symbols appearing instead of the usual characters? No panic, this bug is known, it is the consequence of installing a character font, Future for example. The solution in the rest of the article.

From another PC, open the folder C:\Windows\Fonts via Windows Explorer.

Copy all the contents of the folder by doing CTRL+A then CTRL+C, and paste it into a temporary folder of your choice, for example C:\Fonts via CTRL+V on your machine (use a USB stick or network for this).

Do then WINDOWS+R, enter regedit and do Entry.

Before any changes, start by reading this tutorial to save the registry database (tutorial valid for all versions of Windows).

Using the left tree, go to the following folder:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

And delete it.

Restart your computer.

Copy the stored fonts into your temporary file (C:\Fonts) in the default folder C:\Windows\Fonts

Then reinstall them via the Control Panel, File, Install new fonts and select the fonts from your temporary folder C:\Fonts.

The problem should then be solved. Restart, then check again that the changes have applied correctly.

This problem may occur as a result of the failure to install certain fonts such as Avenir (Mac police at the base). It’s not a virus, it’s a Windows bug.


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  • Bonsoir,

    Thanks for this clarification, I was looking for a solution for a problem also of characters but for web pages. Apart from the links in the favorites and windows helpers, all the web pages I launch have a character problem: Arabic and Latin Chinese signs melee with question marks. I reset the windows fonts settings, search for a script or other weird in the console, on chromium typo are mentioned in the local not in internet explorer. It’s my sister’s computer, it has the disk split in half with the d one almost full. It has an anti virus expired “mac fee”? that could bother. And I haven't read anything about a spam or virus that could create this.. Do you have an idea?
    Thank you very much.

  • Coquillat

    After following this manip the problem got worse and exploring.exe started to crash in a loop. After a morning of panic and crying, I ended up succeeding by bidding blindly in the task manager and regedit, I managed to access the key on which I had a copy of my register before manip that I could re-install..