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Find the original capacity of an SD card

Capture d'écran - SD Card Formatter

Is your SD card not recognised correctly? The displayed capacity is wrong? Reformatting doesn't change anything? So follow our guide to restore your SD/SDHC/SDXHC memory card to the original state.

To do this, start by downloading the official tool below (PC and Mac compatible):

SD Card Formatter (Windows) (6.7) MiB, 2,865 downloads)

SD Card Formatter (MacOS) (3.1) MiB, 1.730 downloads)

Once installed, launch the utility SD Card Formatter.

Select your card from the drop-down list SD/SDHC/SDXHC, then the formatting type:

  • quick format : fast formatting
  • overwrite format : slower but more secure

Name your SD card using the field Label volume and click on ≈j.

Capture d'écran - SD Card Formatter
Screenshot — SD Card Formatter

Wait a few moments, your memory card has regained its full capacity! An indispensable and free utility!

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