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How do I integrate a PowerPoint presentation into a blog?

Capture d'écran - Inscription Windows Live SkyDrive

With Microsoft Web Apps, it’s possible to easily integrate a PowerPoint presentation into any web page — including a blog. Your slides have never been easier to share with your target!

Step 1 — Creating a public folder on SkyDrive

The first step is to create a public folder on your SkyDrive account. For info, SkyDrive is a storage service 25 GB, free and offered in Microsoft’s Live Offer. Just have a Live account to access it.

Capture d'écran - Inscription Windows Live SkyDrive
Screenshot — Windows Live SkyDrive Registration

To do this, go to the page then create a new public folder that will contain your PowerPoint presentation. To change the permissions, click on the line of the corresponding folder to show the necessary features in the right side of the screen.

In the Sharing section, click on Modify permissions then switch the ruler to Everyone (public). Make Save to validate the changes.

Capture d'écran - Autorisations d'un dossier SkyDrive
Screenshot of screen — Permissions of a SkyDrive folder

Step 2 — Send/create your PowerPoint presentation

2 solutions are available to you:

  1. Send your created presentation from your computer to your public folder;
  2. Create a presentation via Office Web Apps by clicking on the PowerPoint icon at the top of your screen;

In both cases, the sequence of operations is the same.

Capture d'écran - SkyDrive, Office Web Apps
Screenshot — SkyDrive, Office Web Apps

Step 3 — Copy of the integration code

Once the presentation is available on the storage space, click on it to show the pane to the right. So click on Incorporate in the Sharing section.

Capture d'écran - Copie du code embed pour SkyDrive
Screenshot of screen — Copy of embed code for SkyDrive

All you have to do is copy the proposed source code.

Step 4 — Integration of the iframe code in your blog

The source code you just copied is no other than an iframe and works with all the blogging tools like WordPress. So paste this tag into HTML mode.

Then post the post to see the presentation appear.

Your PowerPoint presentation is now available online!

Practical, this publishing technique deserves to be better known when we know that these services are free of charge and the viewer is very well designed.



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  • There is also iSpring Pro, an extension for Powerpoint that allows you to export the slide in SWF (Flash) format. This is what I use on my blog when I need to share a presentation.

  • Sophie the guillous

    Hello aurelien
    I tried this manip in the blog being created that deals with slideshows. alas, I do not succeed in step 4. (I don't know the programming language). In my blog page appears http://etc. but not the slide show (ppsx format).
    I open this page, pass html mode, then pass the code.
    on the display: nothing if it’s not HTTP://….
    thank you for helping me if it’s possible for you.

  • Stone

    Thank you for this method.
    The limits: the Microsoft PowerPoint Web App does not read the sound...damage.
    So useless for most of the current Powepoint presentations.
    Do you have a trick?
    Thank you. Stone