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Connect 2 computers via an ad-hoc wireless network

Capture d'écran - Création d'un réseau ad hoc via le Centre Réseau et partage

This tutorial will teach you how to connect 2 computers in a network without having a WIFI — ADSL box router for example. The machines will be able to communicate with each other for the purposes of document sharing in particular.

From start Menu, search the Network and Sharing Centre then open this module.

In the window that appears, click on Configure a new connection or network.

Capture d'écran - Création d'un réseau ad hoc via le Centre Réseau et partage
Screen capture — Creating an ad hoc network via the Network and Sharing Center

A login creation wizard will now guide you step by step.

Select the last choice from the list: Configure an ad hoc wireless network (computer to computer).

Capture d'écran -Assistant de création d'un réseau ad hoc
Screenshot of screen — Wizard creating an ad hoc network

Make Next to keep going.

An information screen then tells you what an ad hoc network consists of. Remember that the 2 PCs should not be more than 10 meters away and that this is a temporary mode.

Capture d'écran - Informations relatives à la création d'un réseau poste à poste
Screenshot — Information about creating a post-to-post network

Make Next again.

We will now assign a name to the network and choose the security options:

  • Network name : enter the name of the network. It will then be detected as such via WIFI;
  • Type of security : choose to WPA2 — Personnel which offers the best level of protection. Remember that everyone will see this new network and will therefore be accessible in a close environment: we therefore need to secure it;
  • Security key : enter a password that will then be encrypted according to the previously chosen standard. Uncheck Hide the characters to visualise the key when entering;
Capture d'écran - Configuration de la sécurité du réseau ad hoc
Screenshot of screen — Ad hoc network security configuration

Check it out Register this network for later reuse then click on Next.

Wait a few seconds. Your ad hoc network is now operational.

It will allow you to:

  • Share files;
  • Share your Internet connection by clicking on the button Enable Internet connection sharing ;

All you have to do is provide the security key to your neighbor so that they can connect to your machine and benefit from the resources you share.

Creating an ad hoc network is not complicated and will allow you to deal with many situations where the presence of a complete network does not exist.


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  • Sharkurban

    Thank you for that tutorial. So cool, it works in my house between two pc on windows 7.
    Is there a tuto of the kind to connect a mac (under snowleopard) to a pc on Windows 7.

  • Michel

    good morning
    a big thank you this superb tutorial,I just acquired a portable HP Notebook 17.3″ dv7-5090ef i7/4Go/1 TB/HD 6570 1024/W7
    could you help me set up my internet connection without
    wire with my livebox 4414 from wanadoo
    thank you
    Cdlt Michel

  • Hoots

    I‘m looking to connect two laptops in wifi under seven without internet connection, but just being able to share my data with the other pc, I tested your tutorial it didn’t work.
    thank you

  • Marie

    Good morning,

    I configured my ad hoc network exactly as in your tutorial, simply following the steps of the configuration wizard with 4 computers including 1 on Windows 7: mine, 2 on Vista, 1 on Windows XP. We couldn't share the files. Our computers were side by side, so no distance problem. I am asked to configure the IP addresses and choose the TCP/IP protocol. Apparently, it’s easy on XP, but on Windows 7, I can't find the IP address configuration menus of an ad hoc network. Can you give me an indication of how to proceed?
    Thank you.

    • Good morning,
      an Ad-hoc network consists of connecting 2 computers together no more or less. So it’s not possible with 3 or 4 ords. To share them, you need to connect them to a router so that it is in the same network (usually a box type SFR, Orange, Free...) then in Network Center and Sharing, Modify advanced sharing settings, check the necessary boxes (including file sharing, and 40 or 56 bit encryption for accounting with XP). There, if you go to Network (or Network Favorites) all PCs should appear.
      If you can‘t do it, I’ll try to do a tutorial pretty quickly on the subject because it’s hard enough to explain without screenshot.


      • Marie

        Good morning Benjamin,

        Thank you for your explanations. In fact, the reason we tried to make an ad hoc network was to be able to work together in a place where there is no connection. Is there no possibility of making a network like server client, for example, wireless in a place without Wi-Fi?
        Thank you.


  • Nono

    Good morning
    I tried to connect 2 PCs on Windows 7 via ad-hoc network by following the procedure indicated in the tutorial.
    Precisely I followed the tuto on the cell phone. I got an ad-hoc connection in the home network. When I try to connect the other PC to this connection, it displays after the identification phase “network without identity” and the public network logo. Yet it displays the SSID of the ad-hoc connection. I have no procedure to resolve the problem. Is there a solution? Thank you.

  • Hello,I changed livebox, my husband’s computer in wifi was well captured with the old box but with the new box it can‘t connect (I’m in windows 7 and he windows XP) — thank you for your help

        • Aurélien Denis Post author

          A change of box implies a change of the security key — the same one that is written on the case.

          It is necessary to reconfigure the network connection under Windows for the computer that connects there via WIFI.

      • Debarge

        Good morning, Aurélien.
        I‘m laying a windows7+an xp and I’d like to switch from one to the other I bought a rj45-cat.6 cable and nothing did it.
        read the advice you gave maxou but I can't find the
        network connection under windows7 under xp I saw all the little ones
        connection screens and on this one I don't have it and not that should I
        thank you for your help J.P.


    Good morning,
    I have a question for internet cracks! I would like to connect 2 pc between them knowing that one has a screen failure and I would have wanted to enter one to retrieve my data on the other pc.I specify that one is under xp and the other under Vista.The one whose screen does not turn on any more launches despite all its hard drive.Is this operation possible? and I,null in computer,can I get there or is it really very complex? Thank you very much for your answers

    • Good morning,
      if you'd shared your documents beforehand, you can pick them up just by turning it on. Otherwise, the easiest thing is to connect another screen (or video projector) via the VGA/HDMI socket.

      • Sandra

        I did what you said. I managed to connect my 2 PCs.
        Only pb, I can't connect to the Internet anymore. On my main PC I have a Wifi key that connects to my box (SFR) but when I connect the 2 PCs, I no longer have an Internet connection.
        How do I do it?
        Thank you for your answer


    This is exactly the solution I chose via the blue VGA, I'll connect to it a new screen.Super for your answer, really cool, it troubles me great.Thanks++

  • Ines

    good I can configure 2 pc Windows 7 with ad hoc mode but each pc must contain a user account and each pc also contains a database contains the 2 username and how I can access my account from any of these two?thank you in advance

  • Gérard

    Good morning.

    It would have been interesting to specify that the security key must be in 5 or 13 characters... because when I create the network on my W7, it does accept a 10-character key (ascii), but when I try to connect to this network on an XP, a 10-character key is refused!

  • Poo

    I configured my ad hoc network exactly as in your tutorial between 2 pc windows 7 and XP but when I try to connect to this connection, it displays" the password must be 40 bits or 104 bits. “even as I checked the necessary boxes (file sharing, and 40 or 56 bit encryption for accounting with XP)

    can you help me?
    thank you in advance

  • ALEX

    good morning
    Thank you for this tutorial.; but it doesn't work at home between two pc windows 7 and xp even as my state is connected!

  • BRU christian

    would an ad hoc ss wire network allow me to send a video stream from the web cam from one to the other computer (even bon ts on 2)?
    thank you

  • Hanenmd

    Hello, the button: enable the sharing of the internet connection, I don't see it anywhere.
    on the other hand in properties (right button on the internet network on 3G key) I checked the box that allows other pc to use the internet connection of my pc)
    or should I check it in ad hoc network properties?
    I don't know what to do anymore!
    Thank you in advance/

  • Jean EBuLa

    I would like to have regular information about computer network connections. much more wireless. I am a computer scientist (student)

  • Fadwa

    I can‘t find the option to configure an ad hoc wireless network in the list (I’m on windows 7 32 bits) what’s the problem?!

  • Théophile Lokake

    Good evening! in my machine to create the ad hoc connection its pass not, I don't see the option (configuring an ad hoc wireless network “Computer to computer” the problem poses in what level?