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Convert WTV files to Windows 7/Vista (ATI only)

No more time to convert WTV files (from Windows Media Center) to another format such as MP4, DVD, MPEG2, H. 264 or other, thanks to a Protuts player, which brought us to AMD Video Converter, a video converter integrated with the graphics driver of ATI video cards.

Configuration Required

  • An ATI graphics card (HD Radeon 2000 or +);
  • Windows 7/Vista/XP;
  • Microsoft®.NET Framework SP1.

Update of ATI drivers

By default, the Catalyst Control Center (name of ATI graphics driver software) integrates video converter AMD Video Converter. However, if you have performed a custom installation of the driver, this feature may be missing. To remedy this problem, download free of chargeAMD Media Codec Package.

AMD Media Codec Package (28.6) MiB, 5,134 downloads)

ATI does not allow direct links to their sites, you will need to first indicate the configuration of your PC and then click on the tab Optional Downloads and finally on the button Download located on the line AMD Media Codec Package. And, secondly, to reply to the questionnaire in order to finally be able to download theAMD Media Codec Package (you can't do more complicated I think...).

WTV file conversion

Right-click the desktop and opt to Catalyst Control Center.

Capture d'écran - Accès au programme de configuration de votre carte graphique ATI
Screenshot — Access to the configuration program of your ATI graphics card

Make sure you're in mode, says,” basic “and not Advanced, by clicking on the button Base at the bottom left of the window to get this screen:

Capture d'écran - Ecran d'accueil du Catalyst Control Center
Screenshot — Catalyst Control Center Home Screen

Select from the list ATI Avivo Video Converter and click on the button Go.

Using the button Select source, open the WTV video file to convert.

Capture d'écran - Sélection du fichier vidéo WTV à convertir
Screenshot of screen — Selection of WTV video file to convert

Then click on Browse to set the output folder (here, the Office) then on the button Next.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des paramètres d'encodage vidéo
Screenshot of screen — Configuration of video encoding parameters

Choose an output video format from the list and adjust the quality using the cursor. Practical, the software tells you in real time the weight of the final file. Click on Next to start the encoding.

Capture d'écran - Encodage de votre vidéo, patientez quelques minutes...
Screenshot — Encoding your video, wait a few minutes...

Once the conversion is complete, click on Read the file or on Finish.

Capture d'écran - Encodage terminé
Screenshot — Encoding Completed

A hidden software but simply indispensable! Probably the best solution to convert WTV files for free and efficient. And in French, please!


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  • Fate

    Hey, hey,

    Thank you for the info. I did Catalyst Control Center to install on my laptop computer, only I've not the video converter I clicked on your link to download it but I can't find it.

    can you help me? Thank you!

    • AIing

      I did the manip and I didn't have the converter in Base mode either.
      What you do to get it
      — Start \ Catalyst control center \ Advanced CCC

      You're going to look
      — tab “Graphics” at the top left of the window and in the drop-down menu you will find “Video Converter”.

  • RAF’

    I‘ve installed the CCC, the drivers, all ATI’s all over again, and I still don’t have Avivo Video Converter, either in Base or Advanced, nor the Graphics tab in any mode, nor do I have “Advanced CCC” in Start. Obviously it’s not their thing yet, and not standardised either... I have an ATI Radeon Mobility 3450, normally up-to-date drivers, but that’s the bins too...

  • RAF’

    Ah misery I've finally found him! It’s when you least expect it to happen! For me it’s in the Video > AMD Video Converter tab in Advanced mode, but I would swear it wasn't there until yesterday when I struggled to find it. I really don't know how I did... but I'm gonna find, considering the time I've lost on it!

  • RAF’

    I also don't have sound anymore, I think I had managed to convert one for which there was still the sound, but after, zero sound... It’s an easily circumventable problem with Audacity, but it’s still boring because it would take more time anyway, especially for possible montages...

  • Wally

    Good morning,

    To convert a wtvhd file without head socket:
    — Pichou WtvHDconverter to get a m2ts file
    — HDConvertToX to convert your m2ts file to xvid format (I couldn't do the same with divx) (see tutorial on google for installation).
    — Then with greedy, you can easily recut your scenes without having to reencode.

    Solution adopted over the last few months, no noticeable worries except sometimes a delay sound to catch up via avidemux.

  • Alain-idf

    One question: what become subtitles? If not after conversion there is a loss of definition?
    so why not simply turn them into ts file (hd) or mpg (sd) without loss of definition? Only subtitles are removed. So it’s easy to add externally for the mpg, but it’s galler for the ts because you have to turn it into mkv, and this trick would allow me to have a simple solution.

    . Why simply not convert it without loss (and by eliminating pub) to see it under VLC or other? I quickly (with three manipulation) transform the WTV into TS.

    But why convert to mp4?to lose

  • David63

    Good morning,

    if I can afford, I have developed a free soft to do this: transcoding a wtv either to a ts, to avi (xvid or divx) or to mkv if compressed in h264.
    We can cut the pubs, cropping and blurring a logo.

    Go through the media center 7 site, in the forum->TV section recorded and then MCE.

    Thank you.

  • RAF’

    The new 11-12 drivers came out in December... I haven't tried yet, see if the sound has returned...
    There’s still something that shocks me for a while: bitrate is a puzzle to find, so that the output file is actually equal to that given by our beloved AMD Video Converter (as announced in the above article elsewhere).
    In this same article we see at the end that the file is about 10 times larger than expected at the stage of the encoding configuration...
    So what?

  • Leafy

    Good morning,
    Thanks for your tutorial but when I get to “what do you want to do?” I don't find “ATI AVIVO video converter” but:
    — set the configuration of my display
    — Hydra Vision configuration settings.
    How do I do this?
    Then can we convert to AVI?
    Thank you in advance!