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Convert PowerPoint slideshow to Flash format (SWF file)

To share a PowerPoint presentation on the web, the best way is probably to use Flash format. In fact, more than 98 % of Internet users have the latter installed on their machines, and, moreover, it prevents any changes to your document. With iSpring, add-on for PowerPoint, you will be able to quickly and simply convert your slides to a SWF file and integrate it into a web page with a viewer.

Download and Install plugin for PowerPoint

First of all, click on this link to download the iSpring add-on (free) for PowerPoint, then install it.

Convert slideshow (.pptx) to Flash (swf)

Open the PowerPoint presentation of your choice. On the tab iSpring Free, click on Publish.

Fonction Publication - Add-on iSpring pour PowerPoint 2007
Publication function — Add-on iSpring for PowerPoint 2007

In the new window, enter the name of the SWF file in the field Presentation Title. Choose the folder where your file will be saved via the button Browse Browse (Browse).

In the part Slide range, choose the number of slides to convert:

  • All slides : the whole presentation
  • Selected Slides : selected slides (via mode) Slide sorter, hold the key Ctrl pressed down and click on the required slides)

Other options are available, of which the following are the main ones:

  • Generate HTML : create an HTML file containing SWF file
  • Start presentation automatically : automatic start-up
  • Looped playback : repeat the presentation in a loop
  • Change all slides automatically : transition to the next automated slide
  • Advance animations on mouse click : be able to pass the animations by clicking
Options de publication - iSpring, add-on pour PowerPoint 2007
Publishing Options — iSpring, add-on for PowerPoint 2007

The settings finished, click on Publish. Wait a few moments (several minutes if there are videos) to convert your presentation to SWF (Flash). Here is an example of a final result in a web page:

Fichier PowerPoint converti en Flash et intégré dans une page HTML - iSpring, add-on pour PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint file converted to Flash and integrated into an HTML page — iSpring, add-on for PowerPoint 2007

Open the record folder to find the SWF file, and other files if you have checked the Generate HTML box.

Conclusion & related links

iSpring is a very easy to use and convenient add-on to convert its PowerPoint presentations and integrate them into a website. A Pro version (paying) exists: it offers additional options such as additional appearances for the viewer, the possibility of embedding a logo, etc...

PowerPoint Extension Site : iSpring

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  • Bolac Philippe

    Good morning,
    Thank you for this very interesting post but which leaves me a question I have indeed tried to convert my slideshow to flash with Speechi but the problem is that it does not follow hyperlinks if they address files located in a directory (though unique from Hard Drive)
    For example, I make a link “to know more” that targets a pdf doc located in the directory but if the path is perfectly tracked with powerpoint, it is not at all when transforming to swf.
    Is there a solution to this problem that prevents the use of hypertext to a resource external to the slide show?
    Thank you for your heartfeltness and heartfeltness
    Philippe BOLAC

    • Dino falk


      1/- Create slideshow with PowerPoint 2007 (regardless of volume)
      2/- save it in ppt format to keep track of it
      3/- Then save it in “JPEG Exchange File” (all images)
      4/- Then use Microsoft’s “photorécit 3” (it is free and very convenient) and create the desired file by adding a musical background (or your comments) if you want it.
      5/- it is possible to send the WMV file obtained to your friends (or enemies if so!).
      Depending on the number of images this file turns 5/6 MB but it is possible to compress it to 2/3 MB using Windows Movie Maker.
      6/No need to look for conversion software in I don't know which format, including FLV. To convert other image files, the most complete is AVS6....I say well for files other than slideshow with images.
      7/- at ADSL time, WMV files can easily be inserted into WEB pages... provided they do not weigh tons... fast enough if their maximum weight remains 5/8 MB

  • Hello and thank you for the lesson. I tried and got 3 files including mobilette.swf — my problem how to insert it into my ‘culture’ page of my site? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  • Hello, I'm a very novice in this area. I succeeded in converting a pptx to Swf flash, but I've been blocking it for 2 weeks to integrate it into a page of my blog (free). I don't know what to do anymore, and I haven't found the answer that the net. Do you want to tell me what’s wrong or I forgot to do? I tried the link in your answer below, but this is just one page of the different iSpring products, plus I don‘t pale a word of English, so I’m badly struck...thanks for your kindness!