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Convert video in 3 clicks on MacOS X Lion

Capture d'écran - Menu QuickTime, MacOS X Lion

QuickTime, the built-in MacOS X Lion video playback software, makes it easy to convert video to MP4 or MOV. Find out how in the rest of the article.

To do this, open a video to convert with QuickTime. Then click on File then Export.

Capture d'écran - Menu QuickTime, MacOS X Lion
Screenshot — QuickTime Menu, MacOS X Lion

Choose the desired format:

  • 480p
  • 720p
  • iPod touch and iPhone 3GS
  • iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple TV
  • Audio only
Capture d'écran - Choix du format de la vidéo à convertir, QuickTime
Screenshot — Choice of video format to convert, QuickTime

As well as a destination folder and then click on Export.

Capture d'écran - Conversion en cours d'une vidéo en mp4 via QuickTime sous MacOS X Lion
Screenshot — Current conversion of a video to mp4 via QuickTime under MacOS X Lion

Be aware that it is also possible to convert your video into a web-optimised format. To do this, click on File then Export for the web.

Capture d'écran - Conversion d'une vidéo optimisée pour le web, QuickTime
Screenshot — Conversion of a web-optimised video, QuickTime

And choose the desired versions according to the flow rate and click on Export.

A convenient option even if it is not possible to convert videos to FLV or VMW. Finally, know that you can encode a video even more simply by right-clicking one or more videos and then clicking Encode selected videos.

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