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Create pages of different formats within the same document under Word 2010/2007

Here is an unknown option of Word that allows you to create pages of different sizes within the same document (e.g., A4 portrait with A3 landscape) and this, in a few moments.

This tutorial also works under Word 2007.

Start by opening Word 2010. Generate text automatically by typing:


and do Entry.

Then, under the tab Layout, click on the small arrow at the bottom right of the module Layout.

Capture d'écran - Accès aux options avancées de Mise en page de Word 2010
Screenshot — Access to Advanced Word Layout Options 2010

On the tab Paper, select the paper format using the drop-down list

Capture d'écran - Options de Mise en page, Word 2010
Screenshot — Layout Options, Word 2010

and, choose where to apply this format (see capture):

Capture d'écran - Liste déroulante, Appliquer à, Word 2010
Screenshot of screen — drop down list, Apply to, Word 2010

To choose the orientation of the paper, then click on the tab Margins and click on Portrait or Landscape.

Capture d'écran - Options de Marges, Word 2010
Screenshot — Marges Options, Word 2010

Again, it will be necessary to choose where to apply this layout. Click on OK to validate. Here is an example of the result, with a page in A3 format in landscape and a page in A4 portrait format.

Capture d'écran - Exemple de formats de mise en page au sein d'un même document Word
Screenshot of screen — Example of layout formats within the same Word document

A practical feature that deserved to be highlighted: it’s done now!


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  • Etienne

    Thank you for this tip! It can always be useful! (if not, there are other native macros like =lorem? I didn't know that either...)
    And I take the opportunity to say a big bravo for this site! I discover a lot of things thanks to you!

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      Thank you! Here are other orders (there are certainly others, I know only these, discovered during the TechDays 2010 in Paris):

      =Rand(paragraphs,phrases): generates random text, e.g. =rand(5,1)


      =Lorem(paragraphs,phrases): generates lorem ipsum, e.g. =lorem(5,10)

      Here you go.

  • in my view, it is also simple to use the sections and choose the layout for each section. In any case, this is how I proceed when I want to integrate one or more pages in the landscape format into a document that is in portrait format.