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Create a System Restoration Point on Windows 7

Appearing on Windows XP, restoring the system allows you to return to an earlier Windows state from backup points. These restoration points are created automatically or manually, as we often recommend before any action deemed unsafe. So here’s the creation method for Windows 7.

To create a new system restore point, enter the first ones in the Start menu search field.

Capture d'écran - Windows 7, création d'un point de restauration système
Screenshot of screen — Windows 7, creating a system restore point

If you prefer, you can also access it via the System properties of Control Panel.

Capture d'écran - Création d'un point de restauration système
Screenshot of screen — Creating a system restoration point

Here we are now in the tab System protection Windows 7 — very similar to Windows Vista.

To create a new restore point, simply click on the button Create...

Capture d'écran - Nom du point de restauration système
Screenshot — System Restoration Point Name

Now enter a name for this point — for example, Backup before bidding, then do Create.

Wait for a few moments, the time that Windows creates this famous restore point.

Capture d'écran - Création du point de restauration manuel terminée
Screenshot — Creating the manual restoration point finished

A dialog box informs you that your point has been created. So click on Close.

Although system restoration points will not solve all of your problems in case of worries, the fact remains that this feature deserves to be better known and, above all, better used.


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