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Create System Repair Disk on Windows Seven

A system repair disk contains advanced tools to restore Windows. It has the peculiarity of starting at the start of the computer, which offers the advantage of being able to troubleshoot your PC even when the PC refuses to boot. Let’s see together how to create such a disc before a technological drama occurs!

Creation of the disc

Start by opening the start Menu then enter the first letters of Create a system repair disk.

Capture décran - Assistant de création du disque de réparation
Screenshot — Repair Disk Creation Wizard

Choose the engraver from the list — if you have more than one, then click the button Create a Disk. Wait a few moments.

Capture décran - Validation du processus de création du disque
Screenshot of screen — Validation of the disk creation process

Click on Close to confirm everything and then on the button OK. Your record is ready!

Use of system repair tools

Now that you're in possession of a troubleshooting disk, let’s see what it contains. Long live curiosity!

To boot from the newly created disk, press a key during the start-up phase of the PC. If you cannot access it and Windows launches normally, you will need to intervene in the BIOS to change the order of launch of the devices.

On the first screen, select French then click on Next.

Photographie - Disque de réparation Windows
Photography — Windows Repair Disc

Wait for a few moments, the time to identify Windows installations on your PC.

Photographie - Disque de réparation Windows
Photography — Windows Repair Disc

Now select the system concerned — here, Windows 7, and then click on the button Next.

Photographie - Disque de réparation Windows
Photography — Windows Repair Disc

And now, surprise! You get the same recovery tools you could get from the installation DVD of Windows Vista.

Photographie - Disque de réparation Windows
Photography — Windows Repair Disc

Therefore, several advantages to this:

  • You don't need to have Seven installation DVD to troubleshoot your PC (boot repair, file restoration, etc.), useful when builders do not provide it;
  • There is a lot to bet that such a disc is valid for Vista. Take advantage of it as Seven is available for free;

Among these different recovery options, we will soon describe several methods of recovery ofsystem image and especially via this famous system repair disk. Stay connected!


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    • @Mr xhark : as stated in the article, this is feasible from Vista’s installation DVD but this is not possible since otherwise, as the excellent English-speaking blogger Long Zhen shows. here.

  • MaxMax

    Good morning,

    is it possible to do the equivalent of this system repair disk on an external hard drive or USB stick?

    I'm looking to make backup tools for a notebook running Windows 7 and not having a DVD player. If I understand correctly, even if I make an image file of my system, in case of a major crash, I will have to be able to boot my PC thanks to the equivalent of this repair disk... so how to do without DVD player?

    Thank you in advance!

    • On Windows 7, you can boot from a CD/DVD/USB key and network.

      Although you can't create a system repair drive without CD/DVD, you can still make a file backup using the Windows utility Save/restore files; or, if you have the ISO of the Windows installation DVD, copy them to a USB stick.

  • Ulysses

    is the repair disk we created valid for any computer under 7 or is it specific to the computer on which it was made?


  • TI-jo

    Hello everything, I would like to know in the following option what should I take to put my pc back (in the state of new). I am very embarrassed because I am not able to do in computer science.


    Good morning. Every attempt to create a system repair disk I have the message "The system repair disk could not be created error (0x80070057).
    Can you suggest a solution please?

    • Looping

      Good morning,
      I also have the same problem: unable to create a system recovery drive.
      my computer is an HP Pavilion G7: I wonder if it wasn't HP that voluntarily disabled the ability to create this disk. HP offers such a disc in its Best2Serve shop for the small sum of EUR 38 and cents.
      If that’s it, it’s outrageous!
      A +

  • Valérie

    Hello, does a repair disk allow to recover personal files? I had a little computer problem and the technician completely replaced my hard drive which made me lose everything my files, photos and music.

    Thank you!