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Create a bootable USB from MacOS X Mavericks

Capture d'écran - OS X Mavericks sur l'App Store

While optical drives disappear from virtually all Apple products, it is now recommended to create a bootable USB drive for the operating system to repair the operating system if needed. The explanatory approach in the remainder of the article.

Downloading Mavericks

Mavericks, version 10.9 of MacOS X, is free downloadable for users from the App Store.

Capture d'écran - OS X Mavericks sur l'App Store
Screenshot — OS X Mavericks on the App Store

You will easily find it in the Top 10 free apps (pole position at the time I write these lines).

Download it.

Wait a few minutes, while downloading 5.29 GB, then proceed to the next step.

Formatting USB Flash Drive

Insert a USB stick into your Mac with a capacity of at least 8 GB.

Launch itdisk Utility using a spotlight.

From the list on the left, select your USB Flash Drive and click on the tab Delete.

Capture d'écran - Utilitaire de disque, onglet Effacer
Screenshot — Disk Utility, Clear tab

Choose the format Mac OS extended (journalised).

Name it, for example Mavericks, and do Delete.

Once formatting is complete, close the disk utility.

Installation of Mavericks on USB stick

Again with the help of spotlight, launch the Terminal.

Enter the following command line:

Sudo/Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –volume/Volumes/mavericks –ApplicationPath/Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –No-Interaction

Note that if you haven't renamed your mavericks key, you need to adapt the path in the command line to match your key’s name.

Then do Entry to validate. Then enter your password when Password sees it.

Note that your password will not appear on the screen, enter it normally and enter to validate.

Capture d'écran - Installation de MacOS X Mavericks sur clé USB
Screenshot — Installation of MacOS X Mavericks on USB stick

The installation process is fully automated. The only thing to do is wait (about 10 minutes for the fastest configs, more than half an hour for the slowest).

Once the installation is complete, you should see in the Finder, your ready-to-use key, famed Install OS X Mavericks.

Capture d'écran - MacOS X Mavericks sur clé USB Bootable
Screenshot — MacOS X Mavericks on USB stick Bootable

There you go!

If one day your Mac no longer starts, you will be able to repair it immediately.


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