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CustoPack Tools, an indispensable freeware to manage its Windows 7 themes

CustoPack Tools is a free software compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 allowing you to install and create comprehensive theme packs to customise your PC. These CustoPacks include visual elements, wallpapers, icons and even DLLs. Fans of customisation, this tool is made for you!

Presentation of CustoPack Tools

CustoPack Tools consists of 3 parts:

  • Choose a CustoPack : this part allows you to install CustoPacks that you have previously downloaded from the official website. Ideal for fast customisation of your Windows system;
  • Create a CustoPack : want to put your hands in the cambouis? Users of customisation, this part is specially dedicated to you! Unleash your creativity by incorporating all the elements of your choice (from its system to mouse cursor to DLL);
  • Settings and configuration : find here the options specific to CustoPack;

In addition, this tool integrates the famous RocketDock to have a dock to the MacOS X on Windows.


Capture d'écran - CustoPack Tools, écran d'accueil
Screenshot — CustoPack Tools, home screen
Capture d'écran - Configuration d'un CustoPack
Screenshot of screen — Configuration of a CustoPack

Get CustoPack Tools

You can download CustoPack Tools from the following link:

CustoPack Tools (27.3) MiB, 2,916 downloads)

To install it, simply extract the executable file contained in the ZIP archive. Note, however, that an Ask toolbar will be offered, free to you not to install!

CustoPack Tools is definitely an indispensable tool for customisation fans. Its compatibility with Windows XP/Vista and 7 and its free of charge are far from the only benefits of the tool in my view; the quality of the proposed topics is yet to be emphasised. Are you convinced?



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  • Emilien

    A messed at the desinstall (damages a.dll) forced to reinstall windows in update mode. And not convinced for windows 7, the “classical” theme manager being deleted, not practical, on the other hand, on Vista.

  • Neimad10

    I‘ve recently been using this soft, it’s really the top:), I’ve been waiting for it for a little while in 7. I hope the number and quality of the next CustoPacks will be there. (for now iMod and/or Tangosoft).

  • manufacturer

    Hello, Already I confirm Super site that works. Otherwise is there a possible customisation of internet shortcuts placed on the desktop (replaced the “logo” IE or Opera by a photo for example? Thank you

  • Dan_Sitar

    @fabrice, it’s very easy to change these ‘logos’ because in fact, they are icons in.ico format:

    Right-click on it — properties — the [change icon...] button — browse to the source of your icon and here it is.

    For a photo, it must be reduced to 64×64 pixels while considering that it will also be used as an icon of 16×16 in the explorer or favorites for example. You'll need software that makes icons from images.

    Would you like to see what that gives? I offer four multi-resolution icons with their photos to Nicolette Larson fans (1952-1997), five by counting the ‘favicon.ico’ at the beginning of the URL as the green & yellow cube of, which are recoverable from the temporary Internet file. In fact, I had to insert each icon in its own photo so that the icons can be downloaded.

    @Aurélien, I hope CustoPack Tools will add the transformation of images into icons if not already done.

  • mena torres

    like so many others I am una maniac of the personalisation of the pc.
    the XP allowed all the changes I wanted.
    the 7 limmite my “fantaisies” in this dommaine, of which, the CustoPack had fallen from heaven.
    It’s wonderful!
    Frustration! I can't install it!
    Would you like me?
    Thank you

  • Fausto

    Good morning,
    I have a problem!
    I used the Crystal XP pack for many years. Just going under Seven, I downloaded the MCOS Lion pack but Avast found a “gen hacker” threat as well as Malewarebytes. I then installed Imod Inspirat successfully. Except my internet connection wasn't working at all. I persevere by installing (and deleting...) almost all the packs that generated the same problem.
    I wanted to leave a message on the CustoPacks website but the forum was disabled.
    Would you know where this anomaly that despairs me came from?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    PS The spelling errors include in this comment are related to the spelling corrector (configure for English.)...

  • Fausto

    Good morning,
    For information: following my message above, I tried to install the Custopack MacOs Lion today. The installation went well, Malewarebytes found nothing and Avast didn't show up. But...As before, my access to the Internet was blocked. After uninstallation, everything becomes normal again...

    I have another problem I can't find the subject anywhere:
    I would like to see in the task bar the names of the folders I work on instead of their pathways “D/Users/name/...”. In the Start menu properties, I checked “Combining when the task bar is full.”, which is a time saving rather than passing the mouse over stacked tabs but I am frequently mistaken when opening windows because of those paths that take up unnecessarily space.

    Is this problem (crispant) solveable?
    Thank you in advance.