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Unlock hidden regional themes on Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with many themes like Architecture, Characters, Landscapes and Nature. Similarly, regional themes are proposed depending on the language of the system. The French are therefore offered a theme on France, the Americans on the United States and so on. However, it is possible to access other regional themes present on the system in line with the original language.

In addition to the regional theme on France, a theme on Canada is hidden inside the system. To activate it, follow the procedure below.

Open the Computer from start Menu, then enter the following command in the address bar:

Capture décran - Ordinateur, saisie de la commande daccès au dossier caché
Screenshot of screen — Computer, input command d' access to hidden folder

Press the button Entry to access the hidden Windows folder.

You will then see two files, one for France and the other for Canada.

Capture décran - Explorateur Windows, dossiers de thèmes régionaux
Screenshot — Windows Explorer, regional theme folders

As the French theme is available by default, open the folder MCT-CA then the subfolder Theme.

Just double-click on the Windows theme file titled THAT’S, for Canada.

The theme is now present in the module of Customisation, directly accessible via the context menu of the Office or via the Control Panel.

Capture décran - Module de Personnalisation, choix des thèmes Windows
Screenshot of screen — Customisation module, choice of Windows themes

For information, the US versions of Windows 7 benefit from regional themes relating to English-speaking countries, including:

  • South Africa;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • Britain;

The same is certainly true for other countries in the world. Whatever it is, the manipulation remains the same! And for personalisation fans, a first list of 35 themes is available.


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  • They are antagonists at Google to hide such features (even if they are minor).

    However, I prefer the 35 themes proposed in the article, because they are more dynamic and original.

  • Letellier

    good morning
    Interesting Since I officially bought my laptop with Windows 7. (officially and legally not soft) I'm only entitled to a black wallpaper. On the Internet I saw that I wasn't alone victim.
    I was offered a free starter program to change this black theme. There’s nothing to do about it. Besides, I can't even uninstall this “program.” Excuse me for not daring to play trust... But... Will I not get the same result on your site

    • Aurélien Denis Post author

      Um I don‘t really understand what you’re referring to (if the visual theme is black or if the problem is different), but the regional themes discussed here are available natively on Windows.

      Which Windows 7 edition works on your PC?

      Did you look into the customisation options if a visual theme was activated?