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Disable notification bubbles on Windows 7

Capture d'écran - Création d'une clé dans l'Editeur du Registre

The notification bubbles correspond to the famous Windows tooltips that appear at the bottom right of your screen in... the notification area. If you find them boring and boring, here’s a trick to disable them forever.

Connecting a USB stick, installing a new driver, Origin account in the background... are so many notifications that I consider intrusive in my daily use of Windows.

To get rid of it, open the start menu and enter regedit and do Entry.

Search for the following key using the left-hand tree.


Right click on the folder Windows then create a new one Key you will be naming Explore.

Capture d'écran - Création d'une clé dans l'Editeur du Registre
Screenshot — Creating a key in the Registry Editor

Click on it and create a new one DWORD value (32 or 64 bits, it depends on your OS and has no impact).

Name this one NoBalloonFeatureAdvertisements and enter the value 1.

Capture d'écran - Ajout d'une valeur DWORD
Screenshot — Adding a DWORD value

Confirm by clicking on OK.

Help bubbles are completely disabled and you will no longer need to close them manually.


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