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Disable Cortana on Windows 10

Capture d'écran - Barre des tâches sans Cortana sous Windows 10

Cortana, a novelty (marketing?) delivered with Windows 10 allows you to search directly from the taskbar and with the help of the Cortana voice assistant (a Siri equivalent for Windows). If you are not a fan of this feature, learn how to disable it without further delay.

The first step is to rename the folder containing the Cortana application. For this, a small quick handling will be necessary.

Go to the file C:\Windows\SystemApps

Right-click on the folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy then Rename.

Capture d'écran - Dossier des applications systèmes Windows 10
Screenshot — Windows 10 System Applications Folder

Enter a new name for the folder (example by adding OLD) and do Entry.

Capture d'écran - Renommer le dossier Cortana
Screenshot — Rename Cortana folder

An error message tells you that this is not possible. Do not close the dialog box.

Open the task manager via CTRL+ALT+ECHAP. On the tab Process, right-click on Cortana in the list then End of task.

Capture d'écran - Fin de tâche de Cortana depuis le Gestionnaire de tâches
Screenshot — End of Cortana job from Task Manager

Immediately after, in the dialog box that we left open, do Retry. If you have been fast enough, the file is renamed. If the message still appears, repeat the operation by being faster.

The last step is to hide from the Cortana taskbar (search box).

Capture d'écran - Masquer la barre de recherche de la barre des tâches sous Windows 10
Screenshot — Hide Search Bar from Taskbar on Windows 10

To do this, right-click on the taskbar, and click on Find then Masked.

Admire the result:

Capture d'écran - Barre des tâches sans Cortana sous Windows 10
Screenshot — Taskbar without Cortana on Windows 10

And that’s it, Cortana’s completely disabled. It will no longer go into a background task, freeing some system resources as they pass, and above all, will no longer burden your task bar.


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