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Disable Home Group Features on Windows 7

New to Windows Seven, Homegroups are an additional way to share documents, printers, images, etc. across a network in a much easier way. Major drawback, only computers using Windows Seven can join a Home Group. If you don't use this function, let’s see how to disable it completely.

Deactivation of the Residential Group

By default, the residential group is enabled on Windows 7. So we'll start by leaving him. For this, open the Control Panel via the start menu. In Large Icons View Mode, click on Residential group.

Under Other actions related to residential computer groups, click on Leave the residential group... .

Capture décran - Fermeture du groupe résidentiel
Screenshot — Residential Group Settings

Then click again on Leave the residential group and finally on Finish.

Capture décran - Fermeture du groupe résidentiel
Screenshot — Residential Group Closure

You can now return to the reception of the Control Panel.

Deactivation of related services

Despite the fact that we have disabled our residential group, you still have the opportunity to create one. Indeed, two Windows services are responsible for managing Homegroups. To stop them, click on Administration tools, then double-click on Services.

Make a right-click on the service HomeGroup headphones and opt for Properties. On the tab General, in Type of start, open the drop down list and click on Disabled. Then click on the button Stop in Service Statute.

Capture décran - Désactivation des services Homegroup
Screenshot — Disabling Homegroup Services

Validate by clicking on Apply then on OK.

Repeat the operation for the named service Supplier Homegroup.

The Residential Group function is now completely disabled. If for one reason or another you want to use it again, do the reverse procedure.


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    • Patrick Bouzin

      I followed the method to disable the residential group.
      Now I want to reinstall it. I have enabled HomeGroup Earphone and Homegroup Supplier: Residential group appears well in the Explorer
      But when I want to create the residential group in the Residential Group window when I click Next message “Windows cannot create a residential group on this computer” appears
      Thank you for helping me.

      • It is necessary to wait a few moments after the reactivation of the services.

        In the best case, a reboot of the PC is recommended.

        Then you should be able to recreate the Residential Group.

        I tested the procedure on my PC and it works.

    • Traditional file sharing via right-click has never disappeared from Windows 7. The residential group only takes over the library system introduced in Seven for network locations.

      It is about facilitating sharing between PCs, a task that can sometimes create many problems, especially between several OSs.

      Since this novelty is exclusively reserved for Windows 7, it is always possible to share a particular folder so that it is accessible on the network.

  • outbreak

    the message “Windows cannot create a residential group on this computer” appears after the HomeGroup Earphone activation and Homegroup Supplier Help Monthly!

  • Charles

    I have a PC computer and a Laptop that are networked, but the PC can't communicate with Laptop while this one communicates with PC, both use Windows 7. whereas is what I have to do for this problem.

      • Charles

        My dear Benjamin, I don‘t know you talk to me, Charles or another person, if it’s mine it’s not a good way to say it’s charabia, you could say, I don’t understand you have situation, can you reformulate STP. I have a table computer and a laptop with the laptop I can see the information of the table computer but with the table computer I can't see the information of the laptop. Thank you

        • Benjamin Denis Post author

          Hello Charles, sorry for answering you so dryly and I apologise for that.
          If I understand your fixed (table) PC can't see the shared folders on the laptop. If so, you may need to change a sharing parameter in the network center and share (left sidebar > Edit Advanced Sharing Settings). Then you just need to activate the network discovery for the network profile currently in use, i.e. Residential or Public) and validate via Save Changes.

          Try and keep me informed

  • Eltalys

    For those who still can't create a residential group after starting Homegroup Listener and Provider.
    See if the Grouping Peer Networking service is started and auto. If not, turn it on.

    • outbreak

      I have the same problem “Windows can't create a residential group on this computer”
      even though HomeGroup Earphone Supplier Homegroup and Peer Networking Service


    Hi I can no longer leave the residential group that I created via my fixed PC cabled by which my children’s laptops had access to the internet, due to the fact that my laptop is the administrator of my network and not my fixed PC that put me in conflict with IP address, despite the withdrawal of all the members of the residential group, windows 7 cannot remove my fixed PC from the residential group since I no longer have internet access while all the other former members and my mobile have access to it because connected directly to the modem via wifi and set up in public networks instead of domestic networks for my PC fxe, what need my PC to connect to fixed internet that I can do

  • Rick Carr

    Yes it works, it’s been several hours I've been searching, I just changed Deactivation of relative services on seven and it works. I put seven with another computer network that’s on xp

    thank you bcp

  • Leafy

    Congratulations and thank you for this deletion.
    I'm alone with my computers so no library to share.
    I think by deactivating this service my computer will be faster.
    I once found myself, by involuntary chance, in this residential group that gave me a pass that I didn't know what to do.
    Now I have peace of mind with this suppression.
    Thank you again for all your work that allows us to reap the best fruits.