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Disable unnecessary Windows features

Windows Vista comes with an incalculable number of features of all kinds in order to counter all requests. Only here, wanting to offer everything, we end up with a heavier system. To regain performance and disk space, let’s turn off some features for the least useless.

Open the start Menu then enter programs in the search field. In the list of results, then click on Programs and Features.

Capture d'écran - Menu Démarrer, recherche des Programmes et fonctionnalités
Screenshot — Start Menu, Search Programs and Features

In the list of Tasks, click on Enable or disable Windows features.

Capture d'écran - Programmes et fonctionnalités
Screenshot — Programs and Features

A window then opens:

Capture d'écran - Fonctionnalités de Windows
Screenshot of screen — Windows Features

All we have to do is uncheck unnecessary features according to your needs.

I suggest you remove the following features:

  • Optional components for Tablet PC (unless you want to keep theCapture tool) ;
  • Remote differential compression;
  • Windows collaboration space;
  • Windows DFS replication service (to be kept for computers in networks);
  • Indexing service (different from Windows Vista indexing engine);

Validate your choices by clicking on OK then wait several minutes.

Capture d'écran - Mise à jour des fonctionnalités Windows
Screenshot of screen — Update Windows Features

Rest assured, if you make any mistakes, you will always be able to reactivate them as needed. There’s no question of uninstalling anything here.

Personally, I took the initiative to disable all Windows features. I didn't encounter any problems afterwards. If the heart tells you, do the same!

In the end, you should get much better performance!


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  • @Daedalis: Ah pardi, Vista is not to be put in every hand. Leaving a computer as is after purchase i.e. overloaded with useless software... it’s really disgusted the end user!

  • bibousiq

    Thank you for this tip. What would be even better (especially for neophytes like me) would be to explain exactly what each of the listed services is for so as not to disable one that we would use.

  • @bibousiq: you're right, but the problem is that the article would really be very long and that it would take me a lot of time. On the other hand, I think that by searching for the names of the different features in Google you may be able to understand what they are for.

    You can always get a help tooltip by hovering over the different options.

    @Néo: thanks to you!

  • Dvorjak

    I followed your advice, but after restarting the pc, nothing more fluid, on the contrary, a crazy time to open a page or a program, not cool...... Certainly one of the features unchecked was essential to me.....
    I am an ignorant in the field of info, so I put everything back and it works properly......
    Despite all your blog is very informative, I will be a little more careful in the future. thank you very much. Dvorjak

  • @Dvorjak : indeed, if you have disabled a component that is useful then yes you may have some inconvenience. That said, it is better to restart several times to really account if the problem comes from there. Often, during the restart, Vista sometimes updates itself and it takes longer to start.

    Of course, if the problem persists reactive the necessary features.

    And thanks to you for finding this blog interesting!

  • Benoit

    Good morning, Maigret,

    By opening the window “window functions” as you have so well indicated, there is absolutely nothing in it, so obviously no box to uncheck.

    Can you tell me how to make them “appear”?

    thanks to you

  • @Benoit : uh, that’s really weird your problem... is your user account limited? Is your Windows installation correct? I don't really have any ideas about the origin of the bug.

  • Hophophop

    Hey, hey,

    I followed the instructions... A window on which I was told to wait for the deactivation of the services opens... but the process does not progress (and this, even if I have only unchecked one feature!)

    Thank you in advance if someone finds a solution...

  • Cyril

    I‘d like to know more about the difference between update 7 and windows7 license because I have vista and I’ll like to put windows 7 but I understand nothing to their jargon windows 7 oem some sell it at EUR 40 MMEGA others to 139 I will like the pro version because it can be useful to update unlike the other seems til

    and is it true that by typing netstat-n we can see someone’s ip address?