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Disable tooltips in Windows 7/Vista

Many apps use the tooltip system to warn you of what they are doing — especially from the notification zone (systray). Useful at first, they end up becoming annoying and repetitive. A small intervention in the Registry Editor will allow us to disable them in less than 30 seconds!

Open the start Menu then enter regedit in the search field then press the key Entry.

Capture décran - Menu Démarrer, saisie de la commande regedit
Screenshot of screen — Start menu, enter the regedit command

Now look for the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Capture décran - Editeur du Registre, création de la nouvelle valeur
Screenshot of screen — Registry editor, creating new value

In the right side of the window, right click Nouveau then create a new one 32 bit DWORD value.

Name it EnableBalloonTips and leave the value on 0 to disable the tooltips.

From now on, the invasive infotips will no longer be of this world. However, to go back, just delete the newly created key.


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  • I find that these criticised info-tips sometimes disseminate vital information (partitioning, etc.).

    Personally I have to have less than five a month, so it’s far from invaded.

    Which apps do you use to have so many?

  • @Mr xhark : personally, I use Windows Media Center with Tuner TV. Therefore, every day, an infotip warns me of downloading the latest content of the TV guide. Really boring in the long run...

    However, I am just presenting a way of doing things. Everyone is free to apply the trick or not.

  • Your Friend


    Thanks for sharing this tip. It works fine on Vista. Unfortunately still it is displaying tooltips on Menus! i.e., I have an website which has several menus. When I mouse over the menu, it displying the “ToolTip”! How I can disable that description info messge?

    Thank you.

  • Marion

    Problem replaced by another one! The task bar locks.

    After disabling the tooltips, in my case (Windows 7 32 bits not any young), the taskbar locks each time a tooltip is supposed to appear. You must then close at least one application, or simply restart, to find access to the bottom of the screen behind the taskbar.
    I had to reverse and tolerate the tooltips, which make me lose my hand on my captioning software every time I plug in or disconnect the headphones. (Every time a tooltip appears, we find yourself on the taskbar as if we had clicked on it.) In addition, my video play/stop keyboard command is the same as the shortcut that opens the menu “Properties of the Taskbar and Start menu”. So I have to close it every time.