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Disable iTunes Store and Ping in iTunes under MacOS X

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre des Paramètres, iTunes - Onyx

A fan of iTunes, the music player made in Apple, but not fan at all of the Store function and Ping (the social music network)? Then learn how to disable these two features without further delay.

Download Onyx

Start by downloading and installing for free Onyx on your Mac by clicking on the link below:

Onyx (13.4) MiB, 6,478 downloads)

Deactivating Store and Ping in iTunes

Click on the tab Settings then iTunes.

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre des Paramètres, iTunes - Onyx
Screenshot — Settings Window, iTunes — Onyx

In the part Miscellaneous options, click on Disable iTunes Store and Ping. Click on Continue to the warning message.

Capture d'écran - Cliquez sur Continuer pour forcer la fermeture d'iTunes
Screenshot of screen — Click Continue to force closure of iTunes

Execute iTunes to see the change.

Note that it is possible to reactivate these 2 features at any time by simply unchecking the box in question in Onyx.


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