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Disable Firefox playback mode

Capture d'écran - About config de Firefox

Firefox’s version 38 integrates playback mode as we've already seen on iOS for a long time. Accessible from a small icon on the right in the address bar, it only displays the text content of a web page in a so-called playback mode. If you find this new option unnecessary and bulky, read this article!

Capture d'écran - Mode lecture dans Firefox
Screenshot — Read Mode in Firefox

To do this, open Firefox, and enter into the URL bar about:config and do Entry.

Capture d'écran - Avertissement Firefox
Screenshot — Firefox Warning

Click on I'll be careful, I promise!

Search for the following line:


Capture d'écran - About config de Firefox
Screenshot — About config from Firefox

Change the value of the option to false double-clicking on it.

The changes are instantaneous.

The icon has disappeared from the URL bar. To reactivate it, turn the option to true.


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