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Disable System Restoration

Introduced under Windows XP, system restoration is useful to leap in the past and return to a stable state of the PC. However, disableing will not only protect against viruses but also save several gigabytes of disk space.

Restoring the Windows system has the advantage of returning to a key date of your system in order to restore the settings in effect on that specific date. At first glance, it is therefore an indispensable tool, but in reality the situation is different.

First, a system restoration is often not very effective. It only solves minor problems.

Also, it uses multiple gigabytes of disk space so that when you restore, the system can also cover viruses!

Here is the procedure to disable this tool.

  1. Launch itComputer or Workstation ;
  2. Click on System Properties ;
  3. Open the tab System protection ;
  4. Uncheck the different discs available and validate by clicking on OK ;
  5. A warning message is displayed to confirm the deactivation of the system restoration. Validate by opting for Disable System Restoration ;
Capture d'écran - Protection du système
Screen capture — System protection

The different restoration points are now erased, which may represent, in some situations, about 10 GB. It is far from negligible, therefore.

If you want to reactivate the enabled system restoration, simply check the available disks again.

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