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Disable Superfetch on Windows Vista

The Superfetch is a service introduced in Windows Vista that automatically loads in memory the most used programs in order to speed up their launch. Although this is at first sight beneficial to the user, it is nevertheless preferable to disable this feature if you are using your PC to play or for testing purposes.

Open the start Menu then enter Services and press the key Entry.

Capture décran - Menu Démarrer, module Services
Screenshot — Start Menu, Services module

Now look for the service titled SuperFetch. Double-click it and click on the button Stop.

Capture décran - Désactivation du superfetch
Screenshot — Disabling Superfetch

Then unroll the list determining the Type of start then select Disabled. Validate by clicking on the button OK.

The service is now inert. It’s up to you to see if you feel an increase in performance or not. Note, however, that it is not recommended to disable this service for standard users but that this manipulation is intended for advanced users.


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  • Lion77

    Hello Maigret

    Please note: I started the SuperFetch — to test — as indicated. It seems to speed up a little various things but...
    There’s one, but there’s one! Since I did this my USB flash drive functioning in ReadyBoost — always following your advice — no longer accept the ReadyBoost in question..

    Apparently things are connected!