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Disable Windows 10 Timeline

Capture d'écran - Timeline de Windows 10

New to April’s Windows 10 update, the activity history, in English, the Timeline, allows you via the Windows+Tab keyboard shortcut not only to view your open windows and virtual desktops, but also to browse through the timeline on the right, your recent activities from your various devices synchronised in the cloud. If you have nothing to do with this feature, learn how to disable it.

Capture d'écran - Timeline de Windows 10
Screenshot — Windows 10 Timeline

To do this, open the Control Panel via right-click on the start Menu, then Settings.

Capture d'écran - Panneau de configuration de Windows 10
Screenshot — Windows 10 Control Panel

Then click on the icon Confidentiality, History of activities in the left column under Windows permissions.

Capture d'écran - Réglages de l'historique des activités sous Windows 10
Screenshot — Windows 10 Activity History Settings

On the right side, uncheck the box Allow Windows to collect my activities on this PC, and Allow Windows to synchronise my activities on this PC with the cloud.

The changes are immediate.

If you do Windows + Tab, you will no longer see the activity history but only your virtual windows and desktops.

Capture d'écran - Affichage des tâches de Windows 10
Screenshot — Viewing Windows 10 Tasks

A totally useless option that only serves to spy on you and consume bandwidth.


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  • Francois jc

    Good morning
    It doesn't work, because I still have the history of 18,20,23,26,27 April always visible.
    Does this matter on memory and for the microsoft report

    • David P

      Good morning,
      I don't know much about it. Just like you, the history has remained.
      But by clicking on “Erase Activity History” from my account right below, the timeline seems to have disappeared...
      Thank you for the clear and quick article.

      David P